December 23, 2011

D' Liz - Picadas, Dulceria, (Sweetery)

Today we were exploring the outskirts of El Centro Cuenca and we came upon a quaint little French style coffee shop and sweetery.

The coffee was $0.50 a cup and the cocoa was $0.80 a cup!

They served the coffee and cocoa in a beautiful coffee set.

They had homemade cheesecake and Mousse for just $2.

It's amazing the neat shops and little restaurants and cafe's you can find in Cuenca even when you walk out of the city center.

We liked this quaint little cafe and we will definitely go back and try the cheesecake one of these days very soon!

D'Liz Picadas and Dulceria is located on General Torres just up the hill about 8 blocks from downtown Cuenca.

If you look off in the distance in the picture below you can see the domes of the main Cathedral downtown, and this is how far we walked up the hill when we came upon this wonderful little sweetery and coffee shop.

1 comment:

  1. You walked all that way without having any cheesecake?

    Feliz Navidad


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