September 06, 2011

They Really LOVE Chicken in Cuenca Ecuador!

Out of all the fast food restaurants they could have brought here from North America, they chose KFC. Cuecanos love Kentucky Fried Chicken, baked chicken, boiled chicken and chicken grilled on the grill. Walking down the street on Avenue Las Americas there are two mom and pop restaurants, not one mile from each other, and they both cook grilled chicken on the big outdoor grill for lunch and dinner for about $3, which comes with rice, of course.

You can buy a whole chicken, hormone free for about $5 to $7. And it is the best tasting chicken we've ever eaten!!

Outdoor vendors are always cooking chicken on skewers with vegetables for $1 on the side of the street. If you haven't already figured it out, chicken is the meat of choice here in Cuenca.

They love chicken here more than beef or pork. but they also love to do the pig hanging on a skewer on the weekends. I don't have a picture of that yet.

They also get into hot dogs and sausages here with papas frittas (french fries).

And they love Cuye!! Never tried it yet! Ugh, don't think I will. Click on the picture and see if you can guess what Cuye is from the picture on the menu of this restaurant.

Did you guess? That's right it's Guinea pig. A traditional Ecuadorian food here is Guinea pig (cuye)!

September 05, 2011

Cuenca Ecuador Ranked Best Retirement Haven in the World for 2011, Again!

Three days ago, International Living published the winner of the best place to retire in the world. For the third consecutive year in a row, Cuenca has been named the best place to retire in the world by International Living. You can read the full story here.

Even though IL has named Cuenca the best place to retire in the world, it is not perfect. In fact, many people come here and don’t like it and they leave. Would you like to retire in Ecuador? Well, you’d have to come here and see for yourself if Ecuador is the place for you. No one can decide the ideal place for you and your family to live.

I will say this, some things you may not like about Ecuador. Be on the lookout for our next video coming up about our “likes” and “dislikes” about living in Cuenca Ecuador.

A little sneak peak about this video will talk about the weather. Now most people call the weather in Cuenca perfect, but it is not perfect for everyone. Some people truly enjoy being a bit chilly all day long, but I for one, do not like being chilly. We will talk about Internet and connectivity, shopping for furniture and appliances, and other important issues that you will want to know if you are thinking about moving/retiring here in Cuenca.

Today we bought 3 big pineapples for $1

We bought 12 tangerines for $1

And we bought a big bunch of red bananas for $1

One of our definite likes is the clean food at a great price. Health is very important to us and since living here in Cuenca and eating fresh food we have noticed improvement to our health from losing weight to having better skin tone and complexion. Stay tuned for this video on our "likes" and "dislikes" about Cuenca. Until then Hasta Lavista

September 04, 2011

$2.20 Ecuadorian Lunch at 'Hostal Caribe Inn' Cuenca

Hostal Caribe Inn serves up a lot of traditional Ecuadorian food for just $2.20. The only negative about eating at the 'Hostal Caribe Inn' is they sometimes have the TV turned up too loud.

September 02, 2011

Frugal Cooking: Northern Italian Creamy Pesto

Fresh basil is so cheap here that Frank thinks we should eat pesto once a week! Where else can you feed a family of five for under a $3? This price includes the cheese, milk, garlic, and pasta. If you like pesto you will love creamy pesto the way the Northern Italians make it.

September 01, 2011

Condo's in Cuenca ALL LOOK the SAME!

The condos in these pictures are not just for gringos; they are for anyone who wants to pay around $400 for a furnished one bedroom and $750 for furnished three bedroom, give or take a hundred. I mean not everyone is frugal. These condos all happen to be off of the main street of Avenue Las Americas and Avenue 12 De Abril by one of the Supermaxi stores.

We walked up to Supermaxi yesterday to buy our usual Parmesan cheese and olive oil and I shot these pictures on the way up there.

Cuenca is a neat city! We love Cuenca!

As you can see by the photos, not all of Cuenca looks old like Italy; that's just downtown in the city center. Cuenca also has its newer sections.

But notice how all of the condos look the same.

I'm not sure if this building is a condo or office building, but it is probably both.

Before I end this post I want to share with you the gasoline prices here in Cuenca. If you can't read the price, click on the picture.


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