Portoviejo Ecuador -- 6th Largest City in Ecuador

Portoviejo was our last town we visited on the coast. Actually Portoviejo is 19 miles from the coast. Crucita, Jaramijo, and Manta are all very close beach cities. Portoviejo boasts two big malls and a huge hypermart (big department store) and even a Supermaxi grocery store. It is the 6th largest city in Ecuador and is not too far behind in population with Manta.



  1. Is Puertoviejo as hot and humid as Manta and the other coastal cities? Is there a breeze along the riverside where it's located?

    1. Hello Sara, we were only there for one day. You might want to check the online weather for Portoviejo to get a thorough report about the climate conditions.

  2. Hi i live in Portoviejo i am from Newcastle upon tyne in the uk, but have been living here nearly 6 years, it is hot, but in my opinion Manta is hotter, you do get some breeze here, but in the winter months it does get hot and humid, i created a basic blog if it interests you both?


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