Ecuador FREE of GMO Crops and Seeds, At Least on Paper…

Ecuador has a lot going for it. It is a country that does not allow the growth of genetically engineered seeds and does not allow imports of genetically modified grains such as corn and soybeans, -- on paper. Article 401 of the 2008 Constitution declares Ecuador free of transgenic crops and seeds. 

In April 2006, Ecuador enacted the Food and Nutrition Security law that invokes the precautionary principle and calls for prohibitions on the use, handling, trade or importation of any food products that are, or contain, genetically engineered organisms (GEOs).

Unfortunately, because Ecuador is not 100% self sufficient in its production of corn, soybean meal and soybean oil for industrial uses, i.e. animal feed and other food processing, it imports between 30% and 85% of these from the United States, Brazil and Argentina. And guess what, some or all of it is biotech modified. This is a very large amount of modified commodities entering Ecuador.
These bio engineered crops are entering Ecuador because of the push from big industries within those countries, but mostly corporation in the U.S. You can thank your northern neighbors for that. But also from local Ecuadorian big industries that desire the perceived benefits from the use of such modified crops. According to the report.

If there is any organized resistance against this we can give a BIG thank you to the indigenous population for it—they continually protest against the importation of modified grains, beets, soybeans, etc, from being brought into Ecuador. They don’t want to become dependent on big foreign corps for their supply, can you blame them?

When you get a chance and you visit Cuenca or anywhere in Ecuador, notice the color of the corn. Corn here is usually heirloom maize/corn they have been growing for centuries, handed down from generations. It is not perfect looking yellow corn like you see in the US. The corn grown here may even have a few tiny imperfections; it is always white in color and it is beautiful and healthy—it is REAL corn! At least for now...
The National Assembly’s Intercultural Council on Food Sovereignty has just submitted the Agri-Biodiversity Bill that will start being debated by the National Assembly’s Commission on Food Sovereignty in mid July. The law could be finalized by November 2012. 

The draft bill proposes the creation of The National System for Ecuador Free of Transgenic Crops and Seeds, entity that will coordinate with customs and border controls, ports and airports, to provide logistical and operational mechanisms needed to prevent entry to the country of transgenic crops and seeds. The bill has very serious criminal offenses: a) To have, exchange, produce, market genetically modified seeds and crops; b) To import or export genetically modified seeds and crops. Those who engage in these activities either by action or omission will be punished with a fine equivalent to 2,000 times Ecuador’s mandatory monthly wage ($292) and the offender will be subject to civil or criminal action as appropriate. SECTION IV.

Source: Gain Report – GLOBAL AGRICULTURAL Information Network – Date: 6/29/2012 -- You can read the full report here.
For now, most of the raw food you are eating is natural and safe for you and your family here in Ecuador. Practically no food is safe to eat in the US anymore, unless you grow your own and you know where the seeds came from. Here, at least the locally grown food is safe. If you leave out the meats raised on this GM feed, and soybean oil, for now.

Again, unfortunately, according to the above report, the big money is busy trying to “educate” Ecuadorians in universities and other institutions on the “benefits” of biotech engineered crops. These laws were designed to protect the public from the very same big corps that are importing huge amount of modified crops into Ecuador every single month, in contrast to the Ecuadorian constitution. 

We’re not talking about some guy on a plane with a couple of packets of seeds, although everyone has a responsibility to be within the letter of the law. The spirit of the law is to protect the health of the public, nature, and economic agricultural independence of the people.

I have to chuckle when I see a post on a forum from someone with a holier than thou attitude telling people not to bring seeds in because it’s “illegal”. While this appears to be a good idea on the surface,  heirloom, non hybrid, non biotech non modified seeds are not prohibited anywhere in the law. You can’t keep a bird from eating seeds and then flying across imaginary borders and then depositing those seeds as bird manure, can you? That’s nature.

If you want to keep Ecuador clean, get involved in the education of the Ecuadorians on the problems of not enforcing good laws that are already on the books. These laws are designed to protect the public, nature, health, and keep us all from dependency and having to trust big corps for clean food. We don’t all have time for that, but we can vote with our wallets.  

As for us, although we can’t buy everything from the Indigenous produce vendors, we do buy as much as we can from them. Gotta run, have to water the garden…

UPDATE November 2014: The Ecuador Constitution seems to be amended frequently and with ease, just by twisting a few arms of men in power. Can and will ARTICLE 401, no "GMO in Ecuador" be amended too some day? Just something to think about.


  1. you guys are the best

  2. This is a great article. Make no mistake! These GMO seeds are intended to destroy Ecuador's food supply.

    The elite are depopulating the planet and transferring more resources up to the very wealthy all the time.

    I hope you can get the message out there, because there aren't many places left that haven't been ruined by this scourge.

    In the United States national sovereignty has been all but lost. The United Nations charter is being used grab all water rights -- even on private land. It's another Trojan Horse to kill the population: Fool people by telling them that water is too valuable a resource to be owned by land owners -- then the United Nations comes in claims the water rights -- then the water is privatized into a monetized resource that only benefits the same group of gangsters at the top that have corrupted the energy industry, as well as banking and finance.

  3. Gmo's are going to destroy the world.If we don't do something,it will be to late. Then we can't go back.There will be no more organic seeds left. Monsanto will take over our food supply! Say No To GMO!!!

    1. not only GMOs, the USA big corporations will destroy the world, or what is left that they haven't already destroyed. I off and on think about retiring in Ecuador, I like that the president of Ecuador knows exactly what the US is up to but who knows what the US will do ... Look what happened in 1981 ... no evidence of sabotage ... ya right:

  4. sure, the posters got it..., we are dealing with the same situation here as the states. it´s a world program. i like the comment from leon in blade runner..., wake up, it´s time to die.

  5. My partner and I are planning to retire in Ecuador in 5 years and our biggest concern is that MONSANTO and their frankenfoods is trying to get into Ecuador. We will do whatever we can to help keep the food in Ecuador non-GMO. We live in Canada and our government has sold us out to MONSANTO, same as the US.

  6. Please continue to keep GMOs out of Ecuador. It is such a beautiful country, Ecuador, especially Cuenca (I call it heaven). GMOs are destroying our land here in the US and the health of our people. Keep your cattle eating grass as God made them to do. Do not allow GMO food products into your country, your animals and people will be healthier for it. Your President and politicians are doing the right thing by standing up to these large corporations who want to take over control of the food supply by patenting seeds. You cannot control pollen and soon all your non GMO crops will be infected and the corporations will own you, your land and your livelihood.

  7. Just hearing now that Correa now has the majority he needs in the assembly to amend the constitution to now allow GMO into the country.
    I saw an article on the gmwatch website from late last year saying that Correa regrets the law in the constitution disallowing gmo and plans to do what it takes to change the laws..

  8. We can't just sit back, read about all this evil stuff that's going on and say we need to do something about it, we have to do something about it. We have to act now or face the consequences. Stop GMO and Monsanto. We as people living in the same land have to help protect it.

  9. how are the honey bees doing in Equador?

    1. I was wondering this myself. I tried to google it, and didn't come up with anything. It does look like the bees in other South American countries are dying though.

    2. The honey bees are very much alive and healthy! Much like it used to be in the north before the monsters moved in to destroy the land.

  10. I wonder How many expats that are currently in Ecuador are working for Monsanto? Monsanto is a ruthless organization that will do what ever it takes to have control of the food supply.


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