March 07, 2012

Here's the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide!

DIY Cuenca Landing Guide

Everything you need to know to Land on your feet and start running your own show in Cuenca Ecuador!

Thank you for your blog, it has been the most practical and informative of all my research on the internet about Ecuador. --Tom Kane Vancouver Canada

Inside the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide Frank and Angie hold nothing back—from the ground up—practical and informative Ecuador details that you have come to trust them to deliver to you:

Readers of our Discover Cuenca website blog know that we live here like the locals do and have done all the footwork already to make our own lives easier, more fulfilling, and less expensive, not to mention, less stressful! Now you too can know what we have learned, but without all the mistakes.

This Cuenca Landing Guide will save you many times the purchase price in real dollar terms - and in time saved. 

 My wife and I saved $400 (per month) on our short term rental with just one of the rental resources found in the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide. Thanks a million! Jerry and Nancy – Canada

It’s like letting the authors Frank and Angie take you by the hand and showing you the ins and outs of Cuenca. Let them take you around town, with vivid color photos, clearly defined maps and concise instructions.

Here are just some of the things you will find inside...Read More

March 05, 2012

More Rustic Furniture using Scrap Wood

The pile of wood on the back porch is getting smaller and smaller by the day. I took a quick video of Brandon building a side table for the living room.

On another note, the DIY Cuenca Guide book is finished!! Yippee. Now, we're just doing some of the finishing touches such as creating the manuscript into a PDF for easy download and making a rough draft for our readers of what's inside this guide book, etc. So, please stay tuned to the blog because the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide is coming any day now...Thanks for your patience!

March 03, 2012

Shopping with Frugal Frank and Family

This is one of our weekly Mercado shopping sprees! 

All of you folks who are relocating to Cuenca will absolutely love all the fresh veggies and fruits here in Cuenca--the abundance is amazing!  Even if you decide not to shop at the Mercado there are outside stalls with vendors everywhere in old town Cuenca selling every kind of fruit imaginable; from fresh strawberries to papayas and from mangoes to delicious red cherries! Whatever you want and like, its here and its fresh!


March 02, 2012

Funky Chairs and Big Rustic Coffee Table Made from Scrap Wood

Frank and the boys have made us some neat accent pieces for the house using all the leftover scrap wood that was lying around outside on the back porch.

They each made their own style of funky chair; and what's so neat about these four chairs is we think they will look great around a big square rustic dining room table---what a conversation ensemble, uh?

The other thing was we had some leftover cherry, meil and red stain but not enough to do all four chairs the same color, so we just mixed all the stains together and it turned out to be a wonderful cherrish/reddish color that looks great. The photos just don't do the chairs justice. Can you figure out who made which chair?

Here's all four chairs together

They also made me a BIG Rustic Coffee Table for the Living Room!

We're rich in home built rustic furniture!

And Brandon built another couch but this time I did a step by step video on
"How to Build this couch yourself" Coming Soon!!

But we're going to have to slow down on the furniture building for ourselves because we have too much! If any of you living in Cuenca would like a  rustic pine, solid built couch or big long pine dining room table with two benches let us know if you're interested. Click here to see more pics and video of the couches and the table for sale.

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