November 06, 2012

Cuenca Ecuador Art Festival Tour

We spent a whole day at the art festival that ran along the river. We walked through every art booth and museum in the festival. It was a lovely day and it was hot for Cuenca at about 80 degrees all day long. I'm guessing I had taken about three hours of video throughout the day and here it is condensed into 7 minutes. Some of the handcrafted art, as you will see in the video was absolutely amazing and took some creativity and ingenuity.


November 04, 2012

Cuenca Ecuador Independence Day Festivities

November is festival month in Cuenca Ecuador. There are arts and crafts booths, art shows, carnival rides, traditional Ecuadorian foods, dances, music, fireworks and more...and the fireworks display is spectacular. 

This video is of a few of the festivities going on in different areas of downtown Cuenca. Next video will be of some of the fine art display and the arts and crafts of South American artisans. You'll be amazed...there is a lot of creativity going on with the arts and crafts.


November 01, 2012

Hermosa Cuenca! Countryside and Hilltop Vista

In our daily wanderings and interactions Frank and I often end up traveling all over the city of Cuenca. On this particular day we were clear over on the east side and up in one of the many mountains that surround Cuenca. This video shows some of the beauty of the countryside and this hillside community nestled on the outskirts of Cuenca. The city buses do travel here.


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