Would You Pay $20 for a 20-Minute Car Ride on the Ecuadorian Coast? That's What Some Drivers Are Gouging Gringos For!

Would you pay $20 for a 20-minute car ride? All it takes is one gringo to pay it and it starts the gouging for the rest of the folks. Wow! Gringo gouging is worse along the coast, especially some of these smaller coastal towns and villages. I'm wondering why someone would pay that instead of taking the bus the same distance for $1.


  1. Seems like something to be expected given that more and more westerners (many with money) are looking to live abroad. Many gringos are probably too timid to haggle. That's something more gringos should probably get experienced with.

  2. You are absolutely correct about gringos being too timid to haggle. Ecuadorians expect other Ecuadorians to haggle down the price...and they like to haggle, so gringos should do more of it. Thanks for commenting.


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