February 09, 2015

How We Filter Out FLUORIDE and Heavy Metals from the Water with Special Berkey Filter in Cuenca Ecuador

The rumor is Cuenca's water system is polluted with added fluoride.  We don't think so.

UPDATE AUGUST 2015 - the Cuenca drinking water is not polluted with added artificial fluoride; we discovered that after doing extensive research, Cuenca water only has miniscule amounts of natural occurring fluoride in the drinking water.  It's quite harmless as it is very small amounts. However, the salt (every brand in the grocery stores) has fluoride ADDED to the salt.

We've been using the Berkey water system for the past couple of years to filter out chlorine, viruses, and other contaminates from the water, but the black Berkey filters do not filter out fluoride. However, Berkey does sell the fluoride filters that easily attach to the Berkey system...and now we are filtering out the natural fluoride in the water. Here's the video of our water filtering system.
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