February 06, 2016

Our ETAPA Internet Speed Screenshots (Average Grade B-) in Cuenca Ecuador- February 2016

 Readers Asks: How Are Internet speeds in Cuenca?

We use ETAPA and we're a family of five on the same network. We're wired because the Internet is so much better than WIFI, especially for streaming. 

I took several different speed tests throughout the day so people can get an idea of what to expect if they go with Etapa. 

The site grades internet speeds based on how your speed compares with others in Ecuador and around the world:

Based on the currently displayed results, connection grades show how you stack up with others in your country and around the world. For example if your value is 77% (giving you a B+) then only 23% of connections are faster than yours. The scale is:
A = 80-100%
B = 60-79%
C = 40-59%
D = 20-39%
F = 0-19%
Plus/minus grades are given for the top/bottom 5% of each grade.

Our Internet speed is generally slower as the day progresses, while mornings are usually the best time for doing anything that requires streaming and downloading, and for having several browsers open at one time. 

This morning at 10:15 we got a speed grade of a B-.

Speed Test Taken 10:15am Feb 5, 2016 with two people using the network.
This speed was taken at 12:00pm and still a B- and this when three people are using the network.  Slightly faster ping and download speed.
speeds taken at noon on the same day
 Here's the speed taken at 6:15pm...not as fast but still a B-.

This one was taken at 8:00pm...a lot slower at a C-.

On the next day, Sunday, here's the speed at 3:00pm; it's a C.

Speed test taken Feb 6, 2016 and the speed grade is a C
Do you want to check your Internet connection? Click this Source - http://www.speedtest.net/

Until we write again.

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  1. A couple of years ago, there were posts claiming that EC was laying cable for new and faster Internet service to Ecuador via Miami. What is the status, if any?

    Also, not to compare, but a goal for Ecuador to share: I pay for up to 75 mbps and Verizon is touting their service now at up to 200 mbps.

    Thanks for posting. Until the next time.

    1. We have never heard of such a thing, sounds far fetched. My son just told me that Puntonet and Etapa now have fiber-optics (a lot faster speeds) in some areas of Cuenca now.


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