December 09, 2016

LOVE This Cuenca Restaurant - PLEASE Open Up Shop in Salinas!

Looking for a healthy place to eat in Cuenca? If you want non GMO fresh, whole foods in a nice atmosphere then this restaurant is probably one of the healthiest in Cuenca. We have been eating here at least once a week for 5 plus years and have no complaints. The food prepared fresh daily...and they serve brown rice.
Hello Friends, we hope you have enjoyed this video. People have asked, "Why don't we hear about this aspect of life abroad from other bloggers/vloggers?". Well, it's because we don't have an agenda to glamorize or "leave out" any portion of life abroad. We tell like it is.

We vlog several times per week, sharing crucial insights and every day experiences to help others know what its really like to live in a developing country.

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