How THIS $60 Hotel Room Saved Us Hundreds of $$! TRAVEL TIPS Panama VLOG

Traveling can be expensive and the biggest expense is hotel stays. How do you save money and still get a comfortable hotel room? Even though we're frugal folks we do not like to stay in dumpy rooms...we've done that and gone there and in the end it doesn't add up to VALUE for us. It's all about VALUE for your money. 
VALUE = price + comfort + cleanliness + service + safety. And that's what frugal people look for and is the difference between frugal or cheap. Cheap only looks at price and usually never receives VALUE for their money.
Hello Friends! We have posted something new, several times per week for 6 years about crucial insights and every day life experiences that provide the other side of living abroad. From us, you'll get REALITY. We are now making exclusive videos for people who want and need a deeper understanding of life in a developing country; to find out more come see us on Patreon.

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