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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A Day in the Life in Eastern Europe FAR Away from the RAMM Hoopla!

Today we're sharing with you some of the enjoyment of travel as a FIRE couple. At the moment we happen to be in Eastern Europe. As most of you know, our channel is not about hyping up a location; everyone promotes locations but there is a way to do it without blowing things out of proportion. In other words, we're not chasing the "best" or the "cheapest" because there is no such thing! For us it's more about lifestyle in a location and not so much the location itself and of course, staying far, far away from the RAMM hoopla! - Retire Abroad Media and Magazine HYPE!

Sunday, February 09, 2020

The 3 Dirty Words that Help Us to Be Financially Independent ALL THESE YEARS!

The 3 Dirty Words that Help Us to Be Financially Independent All THESE YEARS! Much of western society has lost touch with or forgotten how to apply these 3 little (not dirty) words into their daily life, and so is it any wonder people are worker longer and harder hours just to have anything? We never allowed ourselves to get caught up in that way of living and well, here we are living like millionaires without being millionaires. Don't let these 3 little (not dirty) words stop you from being free from the 9 to 5 work schedule and to live the freedom lifestyle you want to live today!