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Thursday, March 17, 2011

$500 Woth of Soymilk and Soy Yogurt For $10

In this video we share with you how we make soy milk and yogurt. We make soymilk about twice a week and soy yogurt about twice a month. Enjoy the video. More videos on soy products coming soon! BTW, if you want a thicker soy yogurt you can add to the crockpot any one of these three thickeners: a couple of tablespoons of either corn starch, agar powder or tapioca flour.



  1. Thanks for this. Since I already have a crock pot, I'll take a stab at making the kefir yogurt.

  2. is it easy to find soy milk in ecuador? i love coffee, but have never been able to drink it black! here with a blender i've been making my own almond milk and then making yummy raw desserts with the leftover almond meal! but i won't be so lucky as to have a blender when visiting ecuador.

  3. They sell soy milk here, but we prefer fresh soy milk, and actually this video was taken a couple of months before we actually moved to Ecuador. We bought organic soy beans from the farmers.

    They sell the soy beans here in the stores, and we brought our soy milk maker with us and hope to be making soy milk and yogurt again.

    You can buy a blender here at a place called Coral for a pretty good price, about $25.


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