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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thrifty Clothing Shopping: Sylish Jeans for $1

When I was younger, before I knew any better, I used to be embarrassed to shop at a thrift store. I was afraid to be seen by someone I knew. Frank, would tell me, "Yeah, but if they see you in the thrift store it means they are shopping in there too, right?" That would ease my mind quite a bit.

My mind-set has really changed since then. Friends and family used to ask me where I got a shirt or pair of shoes that I was wearing, or they would remark on a skirt or dress I was wearing, "Where did you buy that beautiful coat", they would say. My reply is always the same. At a thrift store.

Now, All of our good friends and family know I wouldn't shop anywhere else but a thrift store for my clothing. I'm proud of the nice clothes I wear because they do not cost an arm and a leg and they are just as nice as what everyone else is wearing!

Here take a look at this video. There will surely be more great frugal clothes finds coming soon! Boy, I'm glad that I'm not embarrassed to shop at thrift stores anymore...:-)



  1. I LOVE thrift stores! Began shopping there when I was in YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and sometimes didn't have a quarter to make a collect phone call... you can tell that was a while ago, no cell phones then! You get jeans just broken in and they are great - only problem is finding them in a LONG size...

  2. They have great deals on everything from shoes to jewelry, for all ages.

  3. I can count on one hand the items I buy new. Hopefully, without thrift shops in Ecuador, I will still be able to survive. I was counting on resale building materials for a house. Love thrift shopping and yard sales :-)


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