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Cuenca Restaurants: Eating Out for $2.50 or Less!

It's amazing but you can eat out in an Ecuadorian Restaurant for $2.50 or less. The meal is cooked fresh from start to finish. The meal consists of three courses, and sometimes the dessert comes first, it all depends on which restaurant you are at. This restaurant in the video served us a delicious yogurt drink with pineapple juice. I don't think I ever tasted yogurt so good. Then came the soup which had delicious cauliflower and potatoes and soy based meat balls. And finally they served the main meal of rice, beans, deep fried zucchini, and two vegetable salads. The meal was very tasty and wholesome.


  1. Hi, when your son mentioned spiders...are there a lot of them? I'm terrified of spiders, lol.

    1. Hi Kat. There are not any more spiders here than there are in the states...but they do have tarantulas here. :-) LOL.


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