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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ecuador Food and Cooking

Most of the expats that come to Ecuador (North Americans and Europeans) describe the food here in Ecuador as bland and not that great. But my family and I tend to differ. We feel blessed to be eating freshly grown, organic foods. Besides that, our diet is already similar to the Ecuadorian staple diet of rice, vegetables, beans and chicken, with the exception that we eat brown rice rather than white.

Let me set the record straight. The food here in Cuenca is wholesome and simple. If you want cuisine food, Ecuador has it, but you will have to cook it yourself or eat in a fancy restaurant and pay $6 to $18 a plate, which is fine once in awhile, but why come to Ecuador to eat North American or European foods? Rather than complain about the food, learn to enjoy the wholesome flavor of what real food supposed to taste like, and get healthy in the process.

The standard Ecuadorian fare tastes as if you prepared it at home and it is made with all fresh ingredients. I have been eating the same way as I did in the states, but adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet and have lost over 5 pounds in two weeks!! This is because we are walking more and because the food has no chemicals, additives, or other bad stuff in it that causes weight gain.

The Ecuadorians do have some great snacking foods here. I think they love to eat! What's odd about that is no one here is fat even though everyone is walking around eating something, from ice cream on a cone, to a homemade pastry or a plantain with cheese on it. Why are most people here not fat even though they seem to always be eating? My guess is because the food is not laden with chemicals and most Ecuadorians walk a lot. Cuenca, the city we live in, is a wonderful cobblestone street, southern Italy kind of a town, which makes it ideal for walking to most everything. We are blessed to be a part of the Ecuadorian culture.

If you come here expecting spicy Mexican food or cuisine type food when eating Ecuadorian style fare than you will be disappointed. But if you come here wanting to get healthy and to taste the flavor of freshly prepared basic foods, such as chicken, beans, rice, fresh cheeses, variety of organic vegetables and fruits than I think you will be happy.


  1. Frank, Angie and sons,

    Thanks for the blog and the info on Cuenca and surrounding areas. I have been like a sponge reading and viewing lots of you tube vids in the past week and a half. I also read your book last weekend all the way in one sitting. Like the others I could not put it down. My wife and I are nearing retirement from the phone co. here in Calif. and are looking for a new home. Perhaps we can make a visit to Ecuador sometime soon. Life is a joyful adventure! Take Care and Blessings, Steve in SF Bay Area, Calif.

  2. You're welcome Steve. Thanks for posting and thanks for your support.

    With your spirit of adventure, you're sure to enjoy Cuenca over Hutchinson Kansas. (wink)


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