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Saturday, July 23, 2011

We're Food Shopping in one of the biggest Outdoor Markets in Cuenca (Fiera Libre Mercado)

This is one of the biggest outdoor markets in Cuenca. This is where the farmers bring their crops to sell to the public. If you like fruits and vegetables it is a great place to shop. Every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable can be found here. On Wednesday they also sell clothes and other household items.


  1. OK what a surprise to find you living where our first Compassion girl came from!

    Como se fue? Yo puedo hablar un poquito espanol - estudio cuatro anos en escuala (1960-1964, ahem)

    will the US govt send your social security check to Ecuador? (not that I think you guys are old enough to know that info but it is a thought)




  2. What altitude are you at and what's the climate like? What season are you in now?

  3. HI Marijo! Yes, we're now living in Ecuador. You have pretty good Spanish, better than me, but I'm learning!! There are a lot of expats here who are retired and live on their retirement income very well. Your money goes a lot further here than in the states!! Come on over!

    We are at 8,200' altitude. When we first got here (3 weeks ago) I had a little bit of shortness of breath and slightly dizzy, but after the first week it is gone. We walk a lot here, which is good. I'm loving it!

    May through November is winter, which is now and December through April is summer time. the weather today is overcast but a nice 60's. When the sun comes out it heats things up quickly, so you have to dress in layers here. You never know what kind of a day it will be. You may leave the house wearing a sweater or jacket, but come home three hours later needing only a t-shirt.

    Angie :-)

  4. Hi Frank and Angie, what streets is this market located on? Really hoping to find it. Thanks!

    1. The biggest market, Feria Libre, now called El Arenal is off of Las Americas and Remigio Crespo.


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