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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can you tell the difference between Italian and Ecuadorian Architecture?

Can you tell the difference between Italian and Ecuadorian Architecture? Which buildings belong to which country? I've made two columns one column is of Italy and another column is of Ecuador. Guess which column belongs to which country! Have fun. Click pictures to enlarge.


The architecture is similar, no doubt about it.  Both countries have their own detail that distinguish them from each other, or do they? Can you tell which column belongs to Ecuador and which to Italy?

Ok, we're not done yet, just a few more pictures of the Italian and Ecuadorian architecture.

Inside a  Cathedral of the church in Italy and Ecuador. But which cathedral belongs to Italy and which one belongs to Ecuador?

Ok, now guess, which column is Italy and which column is Ecuador, right or left? Leave your comments, we'd love to hear from you what you think.


  1. The Italian flag and the timestamps give it away if you are paying attention :)

    That said, they are very similar. Italian architecture has more detail and all the Italian roads are cobblestone or pavement over cobblestone where the pavement is wearing.

    This is my first comment on you blog. I appreciate seeing your experiences. My tendencies are not quite as frugal are yours although I can appreciate it :) That said, I do not like visiting/living in "Little America" when I head to another country so your approach and insites are perfect for me.

    1. Little America hahaaa I'm afraid most people from the USA think they are the only American's and fail to understand that America is a continent and one continent at that from Canada to the tip of South America. But I guess that is what you are taught. :)

    2. Hi Putty, now don't be too hard on people, Everyone knows that South America is part of the Americas. When people from the U.S are referring to the U.S sometimes they just call it America without putting the "North" in there. We all know what they mean. We still call North America just "America" sometimes. There is no reason to take offense. Thanks for commenting.


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