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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Ecuadorian Pizza?

Ecuadorian pizza is different than pizza most of us are used to. Why? Well, for one thing they do not put tomato sauce on their pizza. Since we live in Ecuador now, I had to try it out. So here are the pizzas. I did make a white sauce with a little garlic, flour, milk, herbs, and Parmesan cheese. Here's what I put on these three pizzas: White sauce, diced green bell pepper, diced red chili peppers, diced red onion, olives, fresh tomato and Ecuadorian cheese called Queso fresco, which is literally translated "fresh cheese". Queso fresco is much like mozzarella cheese with its milky flavor and soft texture. It's pretty good on pizza.

Here's the pizza right out of the oven.

We love pizza around here and I usually make it from scratch at least once or twice a month. In this video I am making pizza from scratch. Frank is really picky about eating Italian food in restaurants. There are a couple of Italian restaurants here in Cuenca, but we have not eaten at them yet. We did try the pizza though and that was when we found out they didn't use tomato sauce. So, was my pizza good? Yes, it was absolutely fantastic! Would I do anything different next time? Yes, I will make at least one of the pizzas with tomato sauce. Feeding three big sons is a challenge sometimes, but it can be rewarding. tomorrow we're going to have lentil burgers, which is another Ecuadorian fare. Well, at least the lentils are. Ciao!

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