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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Expat Family Builds Own Rustic Furniture in Cuenca

Why are we building our own furniture? Well, we might be doing some traveling in Ecuador, such as checking out Salinas and Manta. We may decide to move there. We believe in packing light and until we know for sure which city we may want to live in, we are being more frugal than ever, if that’s possible? Well, for us it is possible because we know how to be quite resourceful. We bought some tools and have made our own bed frames, outside patio table, indoor dining room table with benches, and a kitchen work station or island. This video is about making the dining room table with using just a skil saw and electric drill. After we made the dining room table we also bought a jig saw, cordless drill and a sander to make more furniture.

There are no Goodwill’s or thrift stores in Cuenca. There is seldom furniture for sale in the classifieds, and when there is the price is ridiculous. So, instead of spending thousands of dollars on new furniture, here we are making our own furniture. We looked at kitchen tables to buy and for $150 you can buy a cheap looking dinette set with four chairs, and for about $750 you can buy a dining room table with six chairs. As you know, we have three big sons and a dinette set is just not suited for our family, and we weren’t about to spend that much money on a dining room table until we checked out the coastal areas of Ecuador. Frugality does not mean lack; it means "more for less”, and in this case a quality, sturdy table at 8-1/2 feet in length, which seats 6 to 8 people comfortably.

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