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Friday, August 12, 2011

Cuenca Ecuador Kywi Hardware Store Tool Prices

Once we got here and noticed the prices on some of the tools we really wished that we would have at least packed a few of our smaller tools, such as our Dewalt cordless drill, which goes for $400 here. When coming into Ecuador they allow you to bring tools, electronics, and household items. They have several huge hardware stores here with most of the major brands they sell in the U.S.


  1. Hi Frank I know this video is a 8 yrs old and you may not be in Cuenca anymore. My family is in the process of relocating to Cuenca due to the immigration issues in the USA. We are not from Ecuador, so it will be cultural shocked for us even do I'm from Cuba and my husband from El Salvador. I have was wondering if you could please tell me if is even possible to bring a toll/drill in our luggage. I have seeing a couple of your videos and hole tax thing is scaring me. Thank you in advanced!

  2. Hola, yes, you can bring a drill in your checked luggage.


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