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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Traditional Ecuadorian Food: We're Eating a Humita in a Panaderia (bakery)

Some of the Ecuadorian food is interesting. A Humita is something that one must acquire a taste for. We believe it is made with corn or hominy. I have never been a fan of hominy. We think it has some white melting cheese, such as queso fresco in it and slight bit of sugar. And finally it is wrapped in a corn husk.

According to Wikeapedia here is the ingredients in an Ecuadorian humita.
in Ecuador humitas are prepared with fresh ground corn with onions, eggs and spices that vary on the region, and on each family's tradition. The dough is wrapped in a corn husk, but are steamed rather than baked or boiled. Ecuadorian humitas may also contain cheese. This dish is so traditional in Ecuador that they have developed special pots just for cooking humitas. Ecuadorian humitas can be salty or sweet.

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  1. I Love Corn, Hominy and tamale like foods. Looks good and will definitely try upon a visit - Thanks for the Video


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