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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are You Moving to Cuenca? Electronic Gadgets to Pack in Your Suitcase

When we moved here we knew that it was not just for a visit so when we packed we truly thought out the things that we should bring with us. We all brought two suitcases, plus our two carry-on's. We even brought two extra suitcases filled with kitchen gadgets and small electronics that we thought we may need once we got down here to Cuenca. This video is about a few of the items that we are really glad we brought with us.

By the way, I brought two suitcases full of clothes and every single pair of pants and slacks I brought are now too big for me because I have lost over 10 pounds and am now down to a size 8-9 from a 10-12. I'm wearing a belt but that's not even working out too good. So ladies, word of advice from me (Angie) bring pants and slacks a couples sizes smaller than what you wear now. EVERYONE who comes here for any extended amount of time loses weight!!

Oh yeah, Frank says that he wished he would have brought his Spanish verbs dictionary. So if you can get your hands on one of those you might find it will come in handy when you get down here. And if we can think of anything else we wish we would have packed in our suitcase, we'll post it on the blog. Hope the video helps you decide what to bring to Cuenca with you.

*UPDATE= no cayenne or chili powder in Cuenca.  Be advised, if you like to cook.

Take care!
Hasta Luego!

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