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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Etapa Internet Update 2 and... Netflix is in Ecuador NOW!


Someone asked us a few weeks back how it was like to stream Netflix movies. Well, my answer was not that good since Netflix was not even here in Ecuador yet. In July of this year, we did try a free proxy server but I guess Netflix discovered we were using a proxy and they kept cutting us off. But no more...on September 9th Netflix made its debute with ALL Latin American countries! So far trying to stream movies has been a bit iffy. Last week we tried to stream Hulu again and it just wouldn't work. We have not tried Netflix since July and like I said, the proxy server kept cutting off from Netflix. We'll try again.

Here is an article online that talks about Netflix in Latin America. Here is a what they are saying about Netflix in Ecuador. You can read the full article here.

Quote From Article: Many experts have already raised serious concerns over Netflix Strategy in Latin America including Micheal Pachter of Webbush Securities, who says, “This just won’t work in Ecuador or Costa Rica or even Mexico as it has in the U.S, It’s going to depend on how many households have broadband access and what the quality of the content will be like”.

Ummm, I guess we'll just have to wait and see how Netflix is going to do here. 

UPDATE 2014: Yes, we have now been able to stream Netflix in Ecuador without using a proxy or (VPN). We've been doing for over a year. They have a good variety of movies that you can watch through 'Netflix Ecuador' without having to use a proxy. The selection is not as large as what you can get in the states but it is not all that bad either. You will also see in the lists a few Spanish movies with English subtitles. 


Recap: Went down to Etapa with letter in hand (written in Spanish) about Internet service being bad. The letter describes the problems we have been having and is in the post titled “Internet update” on this blog. The woman who helped us said they would call that evening at 5pm and then send someone out to check the wiring…

They never showed up on that day (Monday) but they did show up on Wednesday at around 5:30pm. The repairman checked the wiring inside the house and said there was not a problem, in fact, I forgot to mention this whole time we were having bad Internet Etapa was saying there was not a problem on their end. Anyway, to make a long story short he said it was our computers that had the problem. And Frank told him nicely, “no it is not our computers, it is something on your end, because every single night we have no Internet around 6pm.”

The repairman made a few tests online and he checked our Internet speed and it came out slower than what we are paying ($72 a month) then he said it again, “It’s your computers, I’ll come back out tomorrow (mannana). Before he left Frank explained to him again that out Internet goes out every day after 6pm and we have nada Interent, and the guy promised he’d be back the next day on Thursday to run some more tests.

Well, here’s the clincher folks…oddly enough that night the Internet did not go out after 6pm and it still has not gone out after 6pm like it was doing, and that was 7 days ago. So the repairman did something on his end or Etapa did something and obviously they knew they fixed the problem because the repair guy never called or came back out again.

We’re thrilled we’re not getting cut off after 6pm and for now we’ll stay with Etapa since they did fix that problem. The Internet works pretty decent in the mornings. It still cuts out a couple times throughout the day, for around 5 to 10 minutes, some days this happens five, six, seven times, but we’re fine with that for now as long as it doesn’t start getting any worse, or cutting off altogether again after 6pm.


  1. Thanks for the update! Have you tried using any of the broadband speed tests like we have here in the states? Hopefully there is a way for you to check your speeds and such.

    I just had a second dsl line put in at the shop and found out the speed their is twice as fast as my home which is only 100 ft from the shop. Really strange because the new line actually costs about half the price as the old line. I will be calling AT&T tomorrow to find out why the discrepancy. Seems these companies have ways to restrict the flow based on your phone number.

  2. Great to hear that your Internet service is up and running as expected. It would be a plus for us if we could use Netflix or our ROKU for news, movies and Culture from the US if we made the move. Thanks again for the Informative Videos and Blog


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