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Monday, September 12, 2011

How We Saved Thousands Building Our own Furniture in Cuenca!

I think I've posted about the furniture expense of when you first move here. It can be very expensive to furnish a home or apartment when you come to Cuenca. We found a work around that expense-we built our own! Being frugal as we are, we have literally saved thousands of dollars by building our own dining table, bed frames, kitchen island, computer desk and now in this video, these two couches. Enjoy the video! More furniture building coming soon!

Stay tuned for our "How to" videos on how to (step by step) make your own furniture and save money like we did.


  1. Hey Guys

    Love the info and the videos, will be coming to get furniture built if I decide to make Cuenca my home.

    See ya soon
    we are so excited
    val & Janelle

  2. Hi Val and Janelle,

    Yes, travel time is getting closer. See ya both soon! I know that feeling of being excited when checking out a new country...we're still excited about it.

  3. It's great how you're making your own furniture. Being a hobby woodworker, I love the idea. I've never thought about making a couch.
    It looks like you're using recycled lumber. Is that readily available?
    Enjoying your blog.

  4. It's not recycled, and it's 100% Eucalyptus hard wood, which is known for its long lasting qualities. It's all over the place, but you won't find it downtown...thanks for commenting...


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