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We Gave a Mini Tour of Cuenca to Visiting Canadians

Yesterday we met up with some really nice People from Canada. Val and her daughter Janelle just got in on the 29th of September and they are visiting for the whole month of October. They are checking out Cuenca to see if they might want to live here for good.

Val and Janelle have been following our blog for some time now and we emailed back and forth before she came down here. Val was nice enough to bring us a 20” flat panel monitor all the way from Canada with her—she carried it with her on the plane as a second carry on. These monitors go for about $190 here, but we paid $95 because it is from Canada where electronics are much better priced.

For her kindness in bringing us the monitor we took her and her daughter Janelle for a mini-tour of downtown Cuenca. We showed them where the parque calderon is; we took them to the tourist office where they got some maps of Cuenca; and we even took them grocery shopping with us at one of our favorite grocery stores downtown Cuenca. We showed them where the big Mercado is and told them a little bit about how to bargain and such. When you’re new in Cuenca it’s easy to get gringoed.

City center area of Cuenca can also be a difficult town to navigate when you are new here—all the streets look sort of the same. I still have problems remembering where certain stores and shops are that I’m looking for. Of course Frank has some great landmarks that make it a little bit easier to navigate when you’re downtown; in fact, because of these landmarks (Two massive Cathedrals) it’s virtually impossible to get lost unless you wander completely away from the center of town.

We’ll definitely meet up again with Val, Janelle, and now a new visitor I am told is here named Rachelle. Hi Rachelle! Rachelle also follows our blog. We hope to show them some more of Cuenca before they leave. It’s really neat to have visitors come to Cuenca and check it out—they’ll probably be amazed with Cuenca just like we were when we first got here, and we still are!

Val asked me yesterday as we were walking along the cobblestone streets in downtown, “So do you guys have any regrets about moving here?”

And my response, “Absolutely not, we’re glad we’re here!”

Hasta Luego!

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