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Monday, October 03, 2011

15 Great Things We Love about Cuenca!

As promised here are our 15 great things we love about Cuenca. I think most of our readers will love these things about Cuenca too. We want everyone to know that even though we have a few annoyances about Cuenca it certainly doesn’t mean we wouldn’t want to make Cuenca our home. Cuenca is a beautiful city filled with wonderful people—who wouldn’t want to live here? In the video, Frank, Angie, Brandon, Angelo and Alex all talk about the things they love about Cuenca!

15 Things WE Love about Cuenca – this list will always be growing

1. Weather (comparatively speaking to the hot, humid, oppressive heat in the South East where we are from)
2. The food (the freshness and quality of food compared to what you get in the U.S)
3. Cost of Living (once you have everything for your household, running costs, utilities, etc, are cheap)
4. Conservative culture (we could say a lot here but we'll save it for another article)
5. Family oriented culture (For most people family comes first here)
6. People are friendly and helpful
7. Transportation (Brandon likes riding the bus LOL...it's cheap way to get around)
8. The mountains and scenery (it’s really beautiful here – looking at the mountains in the horizon)
9. The old world charm of downtown (Architecture)
10. The shops and stores downtown (many of these shops are family mom and pop's)
11. All the people out on the streets bustling around all over the place (atmosphere)
12. The spring like weather…when the sun comes out
13. How nice and friendly the Cuecano people are
14. The cars with displacement diesels (did I say that right?) and the older but snazzed out Datsuns (older Nissans too) and Toyota's
15. The Panaderias (And yes they have whole wheat baked goods in many of the bakeries, it will say “Integral”, meaning whole as for whole wheat


  1. Cute! Interesting how the younger generation have a hard time talking. I have to grown children that are basically the same. That is to say, they don't talk much around grown ups, but get them among their age group, and they yak and yak. Maybe you should hand the camera off to the boys and let them do a show on their own?

    Thanks again for sharing. You have a great family!

  2. Please email me at maryccharest@yahoo.com. I would like to move part of the year to the area of Cuenca -- hopefully at a farm. Is this dangerous for a "gringo" to do? Is it easy to get permission to live in Ecuador part time? I was thinking about buying real estate and renting it out as an income to add to the farm.

    The US is far too stressful and fast paced. That is why Cuenca interests me -- plus I am an artist, writer, and would like to continue education there once I learn the language. I think learning the language will be easier if I am actually living there.

    How can I buy your book?


  3. Hi Diva.
    Thanks for commenting. We've answered you privately and haven't heard back. Hopefully you received our answer. To purchase the guide just click on the picture of the guide.
    Definitely a slower pace here. We like that and lived a simpler less stressful way even before moving here.
    Thanks again.


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