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Friday, October 21, 2011

Refrigerator and Stove Prices in Cuenca

Yesterday as we walked around downtown Cuenca I took some snapshots of some refrigerators, stoves and furniture. There are numerous appliance stores downtown with competitive prices.  The prices of the refrigerators (for the quality of the fridge) are a little better priced than we've seen here in Cuenca. (See furniture photos here)




$1720 (GE)

White fridge is $824

If you buy a refrigerator any cheaper than these, its going to be quite small. They do have refrigerators here for $400 to $500 but you will be taller than the refrigerator....LOL...no kidding!



Most stove and ovens are gas but you can buy electric; they just aren't as popular. We've priced the washer and dryers at Coral and you'll spend on average $700 for just a washer or dryer and I'm being generous with the pricing, most quality washer and dryers will set you back about $1,000 per piece, on up. Dryers seem to be more expensive here


  1. HI there and thanks for all your commentaries and videos. We are wondering about purchasing appliances here in the states and bringing with us. Obviously you can get great deals at certian times of the year (black friday is coming up) and we already know we will be bring a container of items cia shipping company. Just wondering if you or any bloggers have thoughts on this? IE..water & ice in the door...would this even work there..if we had a line ran and used an inline filter?

  2. Thank you for researching and presenting the information which most people considering a move to Cuenca are most interested in. You, as a couple, come across (to me) to be down-to-earth, genuine, pragmatic people who know that most people wishing to move to Cuenca are interested in saving money and having an affordable life there more than the issues touched upon by the "jet-set" crowd of writers found on other websites, a big THANK YOU!


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