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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Food in the U.S was making Us Fat and Unhealthy!

Losing Weight

It goes with the territory when living in Cuenca—you lose weight! Nothing wrong with that, uh? The best way you can figure out if a food is making you fat is to simply stop eating that food. The odd thing is, we’re still eating the same foods we were eating in the states but we’re all (family of five) still losing weight.

And just yesterday I was talking to a lady who has lived here one year and she has lost 18 pounds. A couple days ago we were kidding around about how here in Ecuador you can still eat meat, pastries, and fried foods and still lose weight. But it’s true!


I used to get eczema (itchy rash) on my hands all the time. I never figured out what that was from. I speculated the rash was from eating out and eating processed foods and desserts. Since living in Cuenca the rash went away the first month and it has never returned. Not only that, but my complexion and skin tone have also improved. I used to have a double chin and its gone too. we've all seen nothing but improvements to our health, and we know for a fact it is the food.

More energy

We hate to say it, but since we have stopped eating food in the U.S we feel better and have more energy. We've been told that all of the hormones in the meat in the U.S cause weight gain and other disorders. And all of the pesticides and stuff they spray on the food causes skin rashes, asthma, and other immune deficiency issues.

We believe it! We see positive improvements to our health since being here only 4-1/2 months. We also walk a lot all over Cuenca and we're sure that too has contributed to losing some weight. But…I was jogging on the tread mill before we came to Cuenca and I was not losing weight then.…go figure.

We’re not the only ones who lose weight or notice positive health changes. Watch the video and hear what others are saying about the food quality in Ecuador. Enjoy!


  1. What you are probably eating more of are organically produced foods and prepared foods without the additives that nobody can pronounce. And you are walking a lot more than you used to and the air is cleaner.

  2. Yes. We know all these things, and we agree, but not convinced about the "cleaner air" every time we get lung full of the bus smog.


  3. I am losing weight just by going wheat free. REad "Wheat Belly". Most South American countries have a much healthier diet than the American one.

  4. We lost 12lbs each without even trying!!! Thanks for commenting...

  5. We lost 12lbs each without even trying!!! Thanks for commenting...

  6. I am a native of Brazil and have traveled and lived in Ecuador so I know how South Americans eat. I had a friend from the US who went to Brazil and in 4 months she dropped 40 pounds just by eating the Brazilian normal diet. I came to the US and in one year I gained 50 pounds just by eating out and enjoying the SAD diet with my North American husband.

    So yeah, I know exactly what you are talking about losing weight without even trying IN South America. BUT if you LIVE in the USA you need to CONSCIOUSLY make an EFFORT to lose weight because unless you cook at home from scratch you are not eating wholesome food in the US.

    So yeah, you are living the life!!! :) Enjoy it!!! :)

  7. Thanks Teresa, We are enjoying the fresh, wonderful food...hopefully you'll make it down here with your family one day. Let us know when you're coming. Frank y Angie :-)


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