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Monday, October 10, 2011

Scary Bugs in Cuenca

Unbelievably there are really not that many bugs here in Cuenca. It could be the mild weather in the Andes; after all we’re just coming out of winter here and heading into spring. In the South in the Northern country now there were some scary bugs!

Perhaps when we move into summer weather there will be scarier and more annoying bugs then. I’ve yet to see a mosquito, although I know they are here, but just very rare, even after it rains. We did have some of those earwig bugs come into the house but we sprayed and got rid of those ugly bugs. Yes, there are some spiders and yes they can get pretty big, but we have not seen any poison ones, like the brown recluse or black widow.

And that’s about it for scary bugs in Cuenca. Oh yeah, there is the annoying fruit flies!!


  1. Yeah we just found a tarantula on our back porch. It was dead already. To be honest I am far more fearful of brown recluses and black widows than tarantulas. I was born and raised in SC.

  2. Lots of those black widows and brown recluses in S.C. and much scarier than tarantulas for sure.
    Hi Steve!


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