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Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Expats Angry with our 12 Annoyances Video about Cuenca

I’ve had to start moderating the comments on our 12 annoyances video about Cuenca because of the cuss-filled, hateful and terribly ignorant comments posted on our “family” You tube channel. It’s amazing how some adults can act worse than children when they become angry and bitter about something they don’t really understand—because if they understood something they would react in a different manner.

Instead of behaving rational and explaining why they don’t agree with one or all of our annoyances, they simple call your family names—they use foul language and try to turn/transform something beneficial and helpful for others into something negative. This happens when people cannot look past themselves and their own problems. Close-mindedness affects people emotionally, mentally, and physically. You see this all the time when people let off their anger and unhappiness on blogs and forums all over the Internet.

The odd thing is the three hateful comments were from expat individuals that live here already. Had they left a comment explaining why they think our annoyance is not their annoyance I would have left their comment under the video, but instead they are behaving really awful—these comments were downright hateful and filled with foul language that no one will learn from or help them in their journey to Cuenca. FYI, there have been no nasty comments from people who are thinking of moving here. These people WANT to know everything about Cuenca before they move here! And for good reason!! Out of the 14 comments we have gotten, only 3 have been too ignorant and foul-mouthed not to post.

The hateful comments were left by expats in the realestate biz or they have something else they are promoting and selling here in Cuenca. One of the comments had more foul words in it than regular English words. When I clicked on their youtube channel name the channel is about trying to sell their house here in Cuenca. The price he is trying to sell his house for is absolutely outrageous by the way. I have to wonder, why this person is selling his house in Cuenca for.

We Don’t Care if Anyone Disagrees

The purpose of the 12 annoyances about Cuenca Video was to give people a better idea of where they might be thinking of moving to; it was not to rile anyone up, or to deny that Cuenca is a neat place to retire. In fact, the 12 annoyances are just that, annoyances, not deal breakers. We don’t care if anyone disagrees with us, but to disagree in a rational and intelligent manner. The anger in the tones of the people who left ignorant and cuss-filled comments tells us that these people are unhappy with themselves and with life in general, and no place is going to make them happy.

The 12 annoyances video is not going to stop anyone from moving to Cuenca and buying property if that is what anyone so desires to do. The video’s purpose is to bring people down out of the clouds and see Cuenca for what it is, with all of its flaws. Do you want to come here with rosy colored glasses on and then see the flaws and be surprised, or worse, shocked? Or do you want to come here and be prepared for the flaws and live and let live as the saying goes?

Cuenca Cannot Make People Happy

When you think about it, I think the mean commenter’s got jolted out of their cloud-in-the-sky trance. How many other blogs have you read about the annoyances or negatives of Cuenca? Not very many, uh? But you do see a lot of blogs promoting the real estate markets here. The fact of the matter is we’d still tell people about our annoyances even if we had a house to sell in Cuenca because it’s reality! If the color blue is established as blue I’m going to say it’s blue. For an example, I tell people who are thinking of coming to Cuenca that the men pee in public here, and I’m called a whiner? Uh? How can that be?

Why make someone become so enthralled with a place only for them to come and find out the negatives on their own after living there for a year? Unless you actually get on some of the forums and read some of the negatives that people say about Cuenca, you’ll be put in a false delusion about the real Cuenca, I’m serious.

Let me just say this; all the good things people say about Cuenca we agree with! We’re not denying all of these positive and wonderful things about Cuenca, Ecuador. But no one has said what the flaws are, until we arrived on the scene, and so here we are putting reality in its place...it seems some people who moved here, who have a vested interest in Cuenca simply can’t take the heat.

So is Cuenca paradise? Cuenca is a paradise when you make it a paradise—it’s up to you to make your happiness no matter where you live. The worse negative I have ever heard anyone say about Cuenca on their blogs is about the manana attitude. Well, that is something that most people already know. Tell us what we don’t know…that’s why we did the 12 annoyances video, to tell people what they didn’t already know about Cuenca!

No place on earth is going to perfect (unless you make it perfect within yourself, and no place on earth can make someone happy, not even Cuenca Ecuador! Happiness is not found in a place or from a person or from having things, but comes from what we believe and how we live our lives according to those beliefs. No place on earth can make a person content and at peace within themselves. Happiness comes from the relationship we have with our Creator.

All I can say is it seems that our 12 annoyances video, part 1 and part 2 took these expat commenter’s out of their dreamy reality. It sounds like they call home to their family in the states bragging about “how wonderful Cuenca is” but they never have anything negative to say because they don’t want anyone to think they moved to a country where the men pee right in front of the ladies, or where the weather is actually more cloudy than sunny, or where anything imported costs twice as much compared to North America! Oh no, we can’t let anyone know that our perfect little place in our perfect country is actually not that perfect after all.

Any Place (city) in the World Has Annoyances

Do you remember the cartoon where the cats are always after the mice? One of the mice tells the other groups of mice that in America the streets are paved with cheese. This one little tiny big-mouthed mouse goes running around bragging to the other mice about how neat America is and it makes all of the mice want to move to America. But it backfires on them. What happens is all of the mice expat to America and they get pounced on by all the cats on the street. They can’t take it and leave and go back to where they came from. Oops reality, the streets weren’t paved with cheese after all.

The example above does happen here in Cuenca; with people who just move here without checking it out first—they have to sell their property in a hurry and they leave. For some reason or another they didn’t like Cuenca or for some unforeseen circumstance they had to leave, as an example I describe below about the altitude here in Cuenca.

Some of our annoyances might be a big annoyance for some people, depending on their circumstances. I know for a fact that a lot of rainy, damp and chilly weather aggravates bursitis and arthritis—well then if you have these conditions you wouldn’t want to move to Cuenca. I do know for a fact that one couple had to move from Cuenca because the high elevation here in the Andes made the wife sick—she had difficult time breathing. Other expats had to leave because they missed their family (children) back home in the states.

The bottom line is the streets are NOT paved with cheese here in Cuenca. In fact unless you are in the downtown district, many of the streets may have trash in them because of all the stray dogs that pull apart the garbage bags and scatter it all over the sidewalks…some areas reek of dirty garbage and the men tend to all pee in the same corner of the wall or on the same wall and when you walk by it reeks of urine. The public restrooms can get really smelly because they throw their tissue in the garbage can, not the toilet…and there are drunken men passed out in their wet urine pants on the sidewalks (more on the weekends) with vomit hanging out of their mouths. We just want YOU to know these things in advance, before you come.

Why on earth would we want to omit all of the things we have observed in Cuenca in the last five months? Would that be fair to you, our readers and viewers to only tell you the streets are paved with cheese? We don’t believe so…we want to bring Cuenca to you in the best way we know how to, by telling you our day to day observations and not omitting anything and that includes our annoyances and flaws.

Putting our annoyances aside, Cuenca is a nice country, with some nice people, with some wonderfully freshly grown food, with a good cost of living index (once you have already set up your home), and with inexpensive medical and dental, and some beautiful countryside. We still LOVE Cuenca because these are only annoyances…and that is all we are doing is telling you that not everything is perfect here in Cuenca, Ecuador. we're going to tell you the whole story, not just part of it.


  1. I'm glad you're honest about Cuenca. Knowing some of the perceived negatives upfront is a huge benefit for anyone contemplating a move there.

    I like the fact that you all speak freely regarding your observations. Overall it certainly sounds like the people there are very welcoming and pleasant.

  2. Keep up the truthful commentaries! I love it!

  3. Yes Nick. Overall the positives outweigh the negatives for us. The local people are very nice. Having said all that, we can only read so many paradise styled commentaries about the place before we start looking at each other and asking...how come nobody is saying anything about this other stuff....
    Glad you're enjoying it CD.

  4. I appreciate your truthfulness with the "annoyances" that bother you and your family. Any move to another part of the world is bound to involve some culture shock.

    It's hard to believe people would be so rude and foul-mouthed with you for just stating your thoughts and opinions! Unless, of course, like you said,they have another agenda; namely, selling real estate and/or selling the dream of finding "paradise" in Ecuador.

    I appreciate your opinions! You are definitely entitled to them!

  5. Thanks Gayle,

    Yeah, well it can get a little discouraging but we really don't let it bother us too much. We will continue to be observant and let others know what "we" have experienced here in Cuenca.

    Take care,

  6. I think this blog is really good mainly because of the realistic commentary. Keep it up!

  7. Thanks Curtis.
    Let us know if there's any way we can improve it.

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  9. If it weren't for people like you, many of us may move there and be totally blindsided by the reality. When you put yourself out there on the Internet, it's amazing how people will post things they would never say out loud. There are annoyances anywhere you move, even to just another state in the U.S. (I moved to Seattle from Denver and was annoyed I have to take vitamin D due to the lack of sunshine). No one is going to agree with someone else's likes and dislikes. Yours is the only "honest" information I've found out there. Most are disguised ads and others are from expats who I'm guessing feel they have to say positive things or they may start questioning their own decision?

  10. Thanks Diane, we appreciate your comments and the fact that you are not afraid to speak up about it on our blog. Yes, that's exactly why we did the 12 annoyances video about Cuenca.

    The other day we met a retired couple who came to visit Cuenca because of all the great things they read from International Living about Cuenca (which for the most part are all true), and well, they were really in for a surprise when they got here because they didn't do their due diligence research about the annoyances or what may be construed as negatives to some people.

    And of course none of those annoyances or even negatives about Cuenca are, or should be deal breakers for anyone wishing to come here and live, but for a few people they are.

    BTW, you last sentence is what we think too--very good and ditto all the way around.

    Frank and Angie

  11. I can not speak for others but I am old enough not to judge for my self I just need the truth. I dont need someone to think for me. Thanks for stating what you think is the truth. By the way some of the things you called out would be expected and are common in many other places in the world.
    Keep true to your thoughts

  12. You have discovered a truism, and that is the fact that the most hated thing today is the exact same thing which has always been the most hated thing, THE TRUTH. People would rather delude themselves into believing a "pleasant" lie than a painful truth. The majority of humanity actually WANT to be lied to, believe it or not - that is why most politicians can stay in office!


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