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Monday, October 24, 2011

Tarantula Spider in our House in Cuenca Ecuador!

Yes, you read the title right; there was a big (baby) hairy tarantula spider in our house last night! Brandon got up at around 11:30pm to get a drink of water and when he switched on the kitchen light there it was on the floor in the corner of our kitchen! Eek! He had one leg up on the cupboard like he was getting ready to crawl up onto my kitchen counters!


The boys were making such a ruckus that Frank and I go rushing out to the kitchen to see what’s going on and we see this big hairy tarantula in the middle of the kitchen floor! But this is not the Ecuadorian jungle! You mean there are these kinds of spiders in Cuenca!? I could barely go near it to take some pictures. The only time we have ever seen a tarantula spider was at the Brownsville zoo in Texas.

Where did it come from we have no idea. Did she lay eggs somewhere in a corner of our kitchen cupboards, we have no idea. Will we see more of these long legged, hairy creatures in our home!? Eeeeeeeeek! I hope not! I think we live in South America after all.


  1. Tarantula's make great house pets. They eat any crawling insect they find and don't bother humans at all. In Florida, if we are lucky enough to find one, we make sure they are well fed so they stay. Another option is to buy or make a cage and keep the spider in it. Try this link: "http://www.tarantulacages.com/basiccare.html

  2. True. I used to leave spiders alone in the garden in South Carolina, they being beneficial insects, spiders are good. Not so sure we would want to chance a tarantula crawling on our bed in the middle of the night though. Beneficial or not, they still bite.
    Thanks for the link.

  3. This article jogged my memory to a time in the 50s when I was in Cocoa Beach Florida visiting family. I was sitting in the living room when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned to see a huge spider walking down the hall. I screamed, there is very big spider in the hallway. My uncle saidl "It's just Fred, he lives here". He keeps the house free of insects. It was a bird spider which was as big as my hand. When I was in the Navy in Texas some years later, we imported bananas directly from Central America the original bunches that were cut from the tree and we would often have one drop out of the bunch. They are harmless to humans but will eat small reptiles, birds, snakes etc. If you Google Bird Spider you can see some photos.

  4. I killed three so far....in the house. House rule...if yer bigger than a dime...you dead. It is more beneficial....for them...to be outside.


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