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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tilapia from Salinas Playas in Ecuador

We’ve wanted to buy some fish ever since we got here (4-1/2 months ago ) and we just couldn’t muster up the courage to buy it from the market Feria Libre because every time you walk anywhere near the fish section of the market the fishy smell is pretty strong, you know, like rotting fish. We’re sure none of the fish is actually rotting, but they clean it right there in huge sinks and there are scraps of fish in the garbage tubs…so it can get quite fishy smelling.

So anyway we now actually try to stay away from that particular section when we go to the market. Although when we first moved here we did price the fish and it is very inexpensive at the Mercado, compared to what fish costs in the states. This video shows us at the fish area of the Mercado and also some of the fish prices.

Last week we were walking in the Mercado Feria Libre and we passed a different section of the market that had fish. And there was no bad fishy smell, and the fish looked great so we bought some, went home and cooked it, and it was good. Here’s the video of our tilapia fish meal.


We’ve eaten fresh water tilapia before in the states but never tried salt water tilapia, in fact we never heard of salt water tilapia until the fish vendor told us it was caught from Salinas beach right here in Ecuador. I think we prefer the fresh water tilapia better but this was still good and the price was unbelievable! We bought 11 fish tilapia filets for $7! It was like $2 a pound for fresh tilapia filets!

In the grocery store Super Maxi here in Cuenca the frozen tilapia cost more than at Wal-mart in the states! What’s up with that?

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