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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Volunteer Opportunities in Cuenca Ecuador

On Saturday’s we spend the day helping out where we can and giving love to the many children that do not have parents to give them love. Some of the children are orphans, but some of the children have been abandoned by their parents, or the parents have personal problems and just can’t take care of them.

There are lots of volunteer opportunities in Cuenca Ecuador if you like to volunteer your time. They have volunteer projects from working in hospitals, sharing your time with the elderly to helping the many abandon animals. There are environmental volunteer projects and there is volunteer projects working in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. You can even volunteer teaching English to children. Whatever you like to do, you will find it in Ecuador.

We want to be with children and share our love and affection with the children who don’t have parents to provide love to them. We help out at this children's home with our home improvement and remodeling skills to improve the environment for the children living in the home. Frank and the boys work on projects that need done around the home and also play games and outdoor activities with the children when a project is finished.

The children love playing basketball, chase, and soccer, and other rambunctious outdoor games. At the end of the day the children have almost worn us out, but we love being with them because they bring love and joy to our hearts—they are precious, precious, precious! We will continue to share our love with the children in this home.


  1. Great videos and the Ecuadorian children are so happy around you guys!

  2. How do I sign up to Volunteer? I am living in Cuenca until May


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