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Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Downgraded our Internet Speed and it’s Faster Now!

Why would someone downgrade their Internet speed? Well, when you never seem to get the speed that you pay for, it makes sense to reduce the monthly cost of your Internet service. This is what’s been happening to us. So, we finally decided to take action.

We were paying $72 for 3 megs and funny thing is every time we checked to see what our Internet speed was, it was never 3 megs; it was usually somewhere around 2.1 megs or sometimes even slower. How can this be when you're paying for 3 megs of speed...Ummmm…this doesn’t sound right.

Four days ago we went to ETAPA Internet and downgraded our service to 2 Megs for $52. And guess what? There’s no difference, in fact, it seems to be even faster now that we have downgraded our speed from 3 to 2 Megs!! Go figure, you’re in Cuenca Ecuador! No worries, be happy!

BTW, I just now tested our Internet speed and it was 2.56 Megs. It’s working pretty good tonight. Anyone can test their internet speed by going to http://speedtest.net/ It’s neat because it automatically detects where you live in the world and in about 5 seconds gives you your Internet speed.

Update August 2013: ETAPA has upgraded their Internet service and when I ping the service the speed is around 6 megs or higher now...better.


  1. Hi guy's, loving your blog and videos. A question about your internet connection, is it wireless or cabled?

  2. Is this an option for better internet http://www.wafa.ae/en/vsat/products/hx/SouthAmerica/satellite-internet-in-Ecuador.aspx

  3. Ha ha nevermind. I just looked at the price list. :0

  4. I need portable instrument to measure wind speed and the
    Wireless transmission range should be up to 300 feet for my rain gauge.So can anyone suggest me something for that?


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