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Friday, November 18, 2011

Another Frugal Shopping Day in Cuenca

We love shopping in Cuenca! Frank loves to bargain with the vendors. In this video we're shopping at Feria Libre and also downtown Cuenca. Just to let our readers know why we aren't telling you prices on food when in the grocery stores it is because you aren't even allowed to take pictures or videos in these grocery stores. Last time we were at Coral Centro the security guard told Brandon to put away the camera. In other words, there is no time to linger at the food items and talk about prices. Sorry. We'll post some popular food items from Coral Centro in an upcoming post soon. If there is a particular food item you are most interested in knowing the price on, let us know in the comments area.


  1. I use a steam iron a lot! are they costly to buy there?? Thank you!

  2. I use a steam iron a lot.. I really don't want to pack mine as it is heavy.. How expensive are they to purchase there? Thank you!

    1. I bought a steam iron at Coral for $12 dollars in 2012.


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