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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Coral Centro "One Stop Shopping" in Cuenca

Coral Centro is a huge department store just like Walmart--Coral has it all and there are three locations in Cuenca. It is a huge department store with hardware, tools, kitchen ware, furniture, clothes, sporting goods, office supplies, groceries, bakery, electronics, and much more! Coral Centro is your Walmart of Ecuador.


  1. very nice video..lord bless and keep you

  2. CORAL Store at Plaza Del Rio, Cuenca

    Gringos be careful shopping at CORAL in Cuenca.

    I recently purchased 5 kitchen appliance all in one day at CORAL. The shop sales person got some of them for me and put them in my cart. When I got to the checkout I noticed that 2 of the boxes would not close and had been repacked. Stupidly, I didn't think much about it at the time.

    When I used one of the appliances (a hand blender) it overheated straight away and ceased working.

    I took the appliance back to CORAL and asked for an exchange, because it was faulty an this should not have been a problem anywhere with a new appliance. The store tested the appliance and confirmed it was not working. They offered to repair it and I said no - it is new and faulty and I want a new one.

    They called the manager Sn Mario Costellanos to the counter. I explained to Sn Costellanos that I had purchased a lot of items through his store and showed him receipts and then asked him to simply replace the faulty item. I also told him that it was particularly important that I have the item now because my wife has cancer and I need to puree vegetable and fruits for her which is why I purchased the appliance in the first place. The manager still refused to replace the item and had a terrible attitude. I could not believe this guy was the manager of the store as he had no customer relation skills whatsoever.

    While I stood in the store at the service counter I could see numerous items that had been returned and the store personnel would pull them apart one by one trying to get them working again. This is a big warranty NO NO as it voids manufacturers warranty with any manufacturer. This manager obviously does not like returns and definitely has no concern for the customers rights or interests either.

    Anyway the manger then said he would have the item repaired and sent to my address within 7 days and I left the store (it is now more than 3 weeks and I have still not received my appliance).

    Since that time I have thought about the appliances I purchased and the 2 that were improperly repacked, and the unqualified staff were opening and trying to repair items in store, then I came to the realisation that the two appliances I purchased that were re-packed poorly were obviously not new or they would not have been unpacked in the first place. I then knew that I had been duped and sold goods that should not have been sold as new at best and may have possibly even repaired or tampered with by the store voiding my warranty.


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