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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do Not Move to Ecuador only Because It’s Cheap (Part 2) Updated 2018

If you have not read Part 1 of this commentary please click here.

We updated this article September 2018 and now with a commentary video. Enjoy!

Is Ecuador the Best Place to Live?

Is Ecuador the best place to live just because the cost of living is cheap? Absolutely not!

Is Ecuador the best place to live just because the cost of living is cheap and it’s beautiful? Absolutely not! 

Is Ecuador the best place to live because of cost of living, beauty and mild weather? Absolutely not!

We like International Living. We've been reading their magazine for over 20-years! And we will continue reading their magazine and watching their videos. We like that they do a big part of the footwork about a new undiscovered place, so then we can actually do our own research about a place they are boasting about to see if we will like it too.  However, don't take the hyperbole too serious...

When International travel magazines boast about the wonderful character traits of a country or certain city, such as the weather, cost of living and beauty, these wonderful things are all very subjective, based on personal preference. Yes, even the cost of living is subjective. There will always be a lot of hyperbole when the writer is trying to entice you into something.

We've been on blogs where people were complaining about how expensive it is to buy things and to live in Cuenca!! They were complaining because for two people their expenses were $1700 a month.  Wow...That figure is almost twice as much as what we (family of five) spend on our cost of living.

Our two cents about lifestyle and living expenses is this: There are certain things you can do, and ways of doing things that can drastically change your cost of living without being in need, but most people don’t want to be economical or frugal. This is because they confuse needs with wants, but most “wants” are based out of fear—fear of being in lack of something you only think you need. 

Beauty of a City is only an Opinion

We think there are some beautiful cities in the states. Northern Idaho, for example is one of the most picturesque and beautiful places to live in the U.S; the Oregon coast is the most beautiful of all the U.S coast lines but I wouldn’t want to live there because it's too cold and rainy, a lot of the time. We even think South Carolina, especially the coast is beautiful. But guess what? This is our opinion, not yours.

Remember: what one person finds beautiful, another may find plain. If you are coming from a mountainous state such as Idaho, Montana, or Utah, the mountains here might not be that picturesque for you. On the other hand, if you are coming from a state that has no mountains such as Kansas, and even parts of South Carolina, you’ll find the scenery here to be really neat for the first couple of months that you are here. We think the Andes Mountains are great but we also lived in Salt Lake City Utah and the mountains there seemed greater than the Andes Mountains. But this is our opinion.

We say, “Come here and check it out for your self”!

There is a lot of hoopla right now about Ecuador just like there was about Costa Rica in the 80’s and 90’s and then Panama in the last 10 years and now it is Ecuador’s turn? Costa Rica is probably just as nice as Ecuador, and so is Uruguay, Argentina, and Panama, but right now most people are VERY interested in Ecuador and Mexico.

What makes Ecuador so special? Ecuador is special right now because it’s still cheap, subjectively speaking anyways. Food can be cheap, if you know how and where to shop; and rents can be cheap too if you know how and where to shop. We’ve told you some of our money saving secrets, but our new eBook called “DIY Cuenca Landing guide” is a life saver for those people who want to be more resourceful and frugal and are on a budget. We’re leaving nothing out of this eBook!

And right now we're working on the video course that is going to show you how to live well in the USA or anywhere else in the world on a social security or other small pension. If you haven't yet signed up yet...go here.  But be sure to come back to this article.

When we ask most people why they moved here it is always the same answer: Lower cost of living. But then they complain about stuff. Is it really that much lower? It’s true we have our annoyances too, just like everyone else, because Ecuador is not perfect. The main problem is people have their eye set on spending a certain amount they have in their budget without thinking of how to make it go further through value...and to really live and enjoy life in a developing country.  That's what we show you in our video course. How to have abundance on less.

Some Folks Better Off Staying in Home Country!

Bottom line, don’t come here because it’s cheap and pretty; don’t come here for the mild weather because you may be disappointed; don’t come here with the intention of wanting to make it big in the real estate market because there is far too much of that here already; don’t come here to flaunt your retirement money around the Ecuadorians (you’ll only be making yourself a target); do not come here if some of the ways of the Latin American culture is offensive to you; don’t come here because IL ranked Cuenca the best city to live in 2011, 2012, 2013...2014...! These are all the WRONG reasons for moving to Ecuador or any developing country.

***Do come here because you’re tolerant of change; do come here because you like the Latin American slower pace of life; do come here because you are already happy with your life, but just want a change of pace; do come here if you want to slow down your lifestyle and start enjoying the life around you; do come here if you want to become a part of the Ecuadorian experience and allow the live and let live attitude and laid back lifestyle become a part of your personality; and do come here if you did your due-diligent research first.***

And you know what, if you come here based on those reasons, you will end up loving it here and anywhere in South America. 

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