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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Kind of Impact Do Shows LIke HHI Make on Small Cities LIke Cuenca?

Hold on to your hats! House Hunters International is coming to Cuenca! An expat family from a well-known, popular blog, that has been living in Cuenca for the last three years, just did a casting shoot for “House Hunters International” promoting Cuenca as the next undiscovered paradise. 

Between House Hunters International and International Living Press it won’t be long until house prices in Cuenca start sky rocketing out of this world.

Yes, it is true there are already pricey condos all over Cuenca, but there are still good rents and real estate deals if you know what you are doing and how to go about getting them. $300 Dollar Cuenca Rentals finds great rental deals all over Cuenca! 

(UPDATE August 2013) Rental prices are rising considerably. We're seeing OLD, (not updated) homes going for $500 to $1200 now. This kind of price hike has happened only in the last year or so. What is happening to Cuenca!! 

Well, here's part of what's happening. Ecuadorians are seeing the swarm of gringos moving here and they are renting out their OLD homes, without remodeling/updating them at outrageous rental prices....we walk away from these kinds of deals and you should too!!!

We have posted about rental inflation happening to Cuenca... popular reality shows like this will hurry up the process. Don't ya think? We want to hear from our readers about this. Do you think that a can of worms has been opened up, and Cuenca is going to explode with gringos moving here, or do you think nothing will actually come of this House Hunters show about Cuenca? 

(UPDATE 2013)  Cuenca is EXPLODING WITH GRINGOS and gringo-cuencanos! It used to be that we would go downotown and maybe see one or two gringos on the streets and that was a lot. Now, we go downtown and see gringo's on every street corner, in every bus, and living all over the city of Cuenca.  LOL...just saying...

 Cuenca has been discovered!

You can keep prices down when you come to Cuenca and not pay gringo prices.  A good rule of thumb is when in Ecuador live like the Ecuadorian's…learn to speak Spanish so you can haggle with the locals and be WILLING to WALK AWAY!

Read our story about why we declined to do the House Hunters International Show! 


  1. I wouldn't worry about it getting ruined, at least anytime too soon.

    I love the sound of Cuenca, but I think it is probably too 'exotic' for most people from the U.S. -- and doubly so for people of retirement age.

    Let the gringos go and check it out -- and even get an apartment. Wait until they see indigenous people urinating in the streets or street vendors preparing guinea-pig sandwiches. LOL! It should be a regular laugh riot -- as the gringos freak out.

    At least half of them will watch several different House Hunter shows about places all over Latin America before arriving in Cuenca and eventually all the shows will run together in their minds. They will get Salinas confused with Cuenca -- when they finally arrive and expect something along the lines of being poolside at Club Med in Puerto Vallarta for $600 a month -- then it will get cold and rain.

    Really, I wouldn't worry about it. It might even be kind of entertaining to watch the whole thing unravel -- and without any Spanish under their belt: forgetaboutit.

  2. Thanks Nick.
    We were looking at Panama City back when $25,000 fixer upper condos were still available, and before the Immigration financial thresholds were raised beyond our reach. Hmm.

  3. Damn, you quoted all my posts haha! GOOD!


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