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Thursday, November 17, 2011

House Hunters was in Cuenca in 2010

We had no idea that House Hunters International had already been to Cuenca in early 2010. A reader of our blog emailed us with this information and even sent us the link to this very first showing of HHI in Cuenca. It is banned for watching in Ecuador, we think that’s REALLY odd that a video promoting Cuenca is banned for viewing in Ecuador. But with our trusty proxy server we were able to watch the video.

The video is of a local Cuencano and his wife, who after living in the states for years finally moved here and retired. We think they were smart for coming when they did. Let us know what you think of the property prices of these three homes in the video. We’re curious to know what they actually paid for the 85k house that they chose out of the three. What do you think? Here is the video link, (you'll need a proxy to view the video), it is pretty interesting. http://youtu.be/Ce5qNxBvJ_o

BTW, we know where the home is that they did end up buying—it’s not far from where we live.

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