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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Spray Paint Artists, Mimes and Traditional Band of Cuenca

The festivities for Cuencas Independence from Spain went on last week from November 3, 2011 Through Sunday November 6. This video is showing some of the traditional festivities Cuencanos celebrate during this Independence weekend. Many of the artists come out and perform a creative art they enjoy. There are lots of food booths, music, carriage rides, fireworks, carnival rides, and traditional dances as well. Some of these festivities we have already posted on this blog.



  1. Fantastic videos, Frank & Angie.

    Loved the mimes and the artists!! We missed seeing these in person!! So much to see...not enough time to get everywhere. LOL

    Thank you for posting the videos here!


  2. Hi Gayle, Thanks so much, glad you're liking the videos. Yeah we spent two full days at the festivities...we still have a few more videos coming. We spent time at the carnival on Avenue las Americas and a video will be coming on that soon.


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