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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Taking the bus to Kywi Hardware Store in Cuenca

Kywi and True Value Hardware store are the two main hardware stores here in Cuenca. You will not have any problems finding what you need for home remodeling, repairs, or projects around the home while shopping at these two stores, but tools are a bit more expensive here.  Kywi is located off of 

To see prices of some tools here in Cuenca see our video of shopping for tools at Kywi here.


  1. Kiwi in Cuenca, take a bus, what bus, where are the stores?

  2. Where is the True Value??

    1. Theres two. one is on las Americas across from Feria Libre and the other one is next door to Supermaxi / Kywi.

  3. I am interested in artificial turf for a cemented terrace. Does the Cuenca store sell it and in what sizes?

  4. Hello. Sorry we have no idea if Kywi sells artificial turf.


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