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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why We Think the Food Tastes Better in Ecuador


Ironically, before we moved to Cuenca we were reading blogs about how the food was bland, not spicy enough, or not enough of a variety. The fact is, we think the food tastes better / fresher here than in the States, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos islands and even Mexico. The butter, milk, and eggs don’t even need to be refrigerated here because they are so fresh. 

One of our deciding factors for moving to South America was for the abundance of fresh food! Produce, meat, dairy, it’s all fresher and cleaner here, and you know what that means don't you? Better tasting and more flavorful food!

In fact we all agree, the chicken here in Cuenca is the best we’ve ever eaten before and we’re all really picky chicken eaters. Back in the states the dark meat always tasted really strong and roast chicken had a strong flavor to it also that we didn’t like, but here, it tastes like chicken should taste like—it’s truly amazing! 

On another note, do you remember when we told you we were losing weight? Well, what we lost was body fat. Any body fat we had on us before we came here is virtually gone!

We know we’ve told you this before but the food here does not make you fat because it does not have hormones in it. Hormones (estrogen) injected into the chickens and cows in the states cause them to get big and fat and that way there is more meat on the animal, more money for the farmer.  But when you eat that chicken or beef, you’re getting some of those hormones too…unless you can afford to buy organic of course, which in South Carolina, we checked, and one organic chicken cost like $18 to $20, which was not in our budget.

The point is...hormones make ya fat! 

Please do not mistake this blog post to mean anything other than our excitement about the healthy food and the natural flavor of the food here in Ecuador. We are just so happy and thrilled that we can afford to buy hormone free chicken and have an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies now…back in the states you couldn’t even look at an organic apple—it was like $0.75 for one apple!! We don’t know how some families are getting by with the prices of produce in the states. 

Besides that, it is so hard to contain ourselves...its unbelievable, you can eat here and not gain weight!

We would hope that our readers who are thinking about moving to Ecuador or another South American country (where the food is fresher) will be able to make their goals and aspirations come alive for them and make the adventurous move, just like we did and our doing. No one deserves to be forced to eat polluted food, which most people are forced to eat, since organic meat and produce truly cost an arm, leg and nose in North America!

We just hope that Ecuador doesn’t start to get all gung ho about fattening up their livestock and poultry with hormones and antibiotics because if they did, it just wouldn’t be that great of a place for us anymore. We have read that Ecuador is against injecting their animals with drugs, but for how long? We’re hoping it’s a long ways away.

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  1. This is great. You have no idea how much you help me understand things about Ecuador, which my boy friend does not always have time to tell me. He used to be a foriegn exchange student up here in Idaho. Now I am curious to see what his country and life style consists in.


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