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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buying Clothes in Cuenca

You will not have any problems finding clothes in Cuenca. There are more clothing and Jewelry shops in El Centro than we've ever seen for the size of what Cuenca is. Cuenca is just a bit shy of half a million people. Here's some snapshots of a few retail clothing shops that we took today as we were walking around downtown. There are sales all over the place because of the Christmas season.

Cuenca is in the Andes mountains so much of the clothing is sweaters, pants, jeans, jackets, hoodies, and long sleeve shirts. Although we have seen swimming suits and shorts for sell, probably for the warmer coastal regions.

Most of these Clothing shops were on Gran Columbia

Click on the photes to enlarge

They like leather jackets here. The people of Cuenca like to dress nice and many of them wear fashionable clothing.

They also have a lot of shoe stores downtown. Here's one that you will recognize.

Here's Mrs Clause passing out pamphlets to the clothing store she is standing next to.

It was flooded with shoppers in downtown Cuenca today. Here they are gathering around Christmas wrapping paper for sale at "Tia".

Across the street from Park Calderon central park of Cuenca)there were vendors under tents selling EVERYTHING relating to Christmas. They really love the Christmas season in Ecuador!

Here's another area in Cuenca with more vendors. Here they are selling their artistic creations.


  1. You have a very informative blog. I thank you for your efforts and look forward to reading your Guide.
    It would be great if you could post a video in a Hardware Dept of a Store showing tools available. I hope to do wood working and carpentry as your family has, and would like to see what's available. Also bigger tools such as Table Saws and such.

  2. LOL, that's one of the first videos we made was about how expensive name brand tools are. You will certainly want to see that video...thanks for commenting...

    Go to the "search" box and type in:

    "tools are expensive here"
    there's also a companion video called "kiwi hardware store".

    Thanks again...

  3. How do prices compare to Walmart quality clothes?

  4. We just purchased a hoodie sweater off season at Wal Mart for $1.50. They cost $20 dollars here.


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