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Sprouting Seeds For Good Health

Sprouting is an easy way to receive a lot of nutrition in your diet without it costing a lot of money. With the prices of produce these days it is more economical to grow your own veggies, if at all possible and to sprout organic seeds, such as mung beans, sunflower, alfalfa seeds, and lentils, all of which have substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals. This video is going to show you just how easy it is to grow your own sprouts!

One of the best sprouts for you is the alfalfa sprouts, they are chalk full of just about every vitamin and mineral you can think of. Remember: Sprouts are a "living" food and are also filled with life-giving chlorophyll.


(DIY ) Fixing A Grey Clogged Grey Water Line

Ugh! My Washer machine overflowed all over the utility room floor. Upon investigation we realized we had a clogged grey waterline somewhere, who knows where in the yard. So instead of digging up the whole yard, Brandon, our oldest son simply diverted the outflow into a flower bed by the house. The part we bought cost about $4 bucks at Ace hardware.



How To Make Organic Soy Nuts -- A Healthy Snack

Soy nuts taste great and are a healthy snack. You can add any type of herbs and spices to your soy nuts to give you the flavor you like. Enjoy!



$500 Woth of Soymilk and Soy Yogurt For $10

In this video we share with you how we make soy milk and yogurt. We make soymilk about twice a week and soy yogurt about twice a month. Enjoy the video. More videos on soy products coming soon! BTW, if you want a thicker soy yogurt you can add to the crockpot any one of these three thickeners: a couple of tablespoons of either corn starch, agar powder or tapioca flour.



Replace Sliding Glass Door With French Door

This is a used french door that we bought for $50 because it needed cleaned up and painted. But the door itself was in excellent condition. It really made a big difference on how the patio looks but for a small price. Anyone can make home improvements like this with a little effort. Instead of rushing down to Lows to buy brand new French Door that cost between $400 and $1,000 dollars scan your local paper for a used french door and buy a gallon of paint. It is well worth the effort.

Mini Green House Made From Old Doors and Windows

This is Frank's Mini Greenhouse Made From an Old Sliding Glass Door and Shower Door and Windows!

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