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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

19 Things a Native Cuencano Says about Cuenca's People

These things that we are reprinting are things that only someone who has lived in Cuenca for years would know, unless someone told you about them. Let us remind you, we are not saying these things—they come from a local Cuencano who emailed them to us. We did fix some misspellings but we left grammar as it was written. The reprint should not be taken as an endorsement of the beliefs or ideas espoused, which are only one person's opinion. 

Number 18 is very interesting and we may have to do a post about this soon. It is true, we have heard that Cuencanos, unless they have been to America, think that all Americans are rich, and then these supposedly rich Americans come to Cuenca and are thought of as dumb gringos for paying the enormous amounts that many target them on, like rents and real estate. 

Dear Angie and Frank:

I'm so glad I came across your blog and your videos about living in my city. I'm a native Cuencano, 39 y/o living in the USA since many years ago. I decided to email you to let you know my opinion and for giving you a few tips you can consider for a better living in Cuenca.

Your list of 43 things about Cuencanos are so good; (click here to see that post). A few of them made me laugh cause I wouldn't imagine a foreigner could see that far hehehe!! However, with the pass of the years Cuenca has not lose its culture even when my fa
mily told me that lately our city is not the peaceful place it used to be anymore.

New people from Colombia, Peru and most of all Guayaquil have arrived to Cuenca since 2005 and most of them are honest and working class people. Thieves from the coast and from our neighbor countries have targeted Cuenca as an easy land for their delinquent lives due to the peaceful atmosphere and the trustworthiness of its residents…

Police Department in Ecuador sucks and people have started to take the justice by their own hands. Several thieves have resulted killed and burned by local residents. Cuenca used to be a place where the biggest crime it could happen was a drunk guy who got robbed or the typical after-party fights among drunk young males. Now Cuenca is not the place it used to be years ago anymore. My sisters don't let their kids (10-13 yo) walk by themselves, not even to the closest grocery store.

1.    If you get robbed in Cuenca, most probability the thieves are not Cuencanos.
2.     For many kids making pee on the street is ok because that's what they saw on their older relatives.
3.    Drunken young people in Cuenca are aggressive no matter the educational level they come from. Usually rich kids are the worse.
4.    Society dislike gay people and that's why they have to flee and request Political Asylum based on sexual orientation in a northern country.
5.    Poor and indigence gay people are targeted in Cuenca by the homophobic system and they usually cannot afford a ticket to USA or Europe or what's worse... they were declined an American visa.
6.    Cuencanos usually don't like people who don't drink alcohol. When they invite a shot of the typical "canelazo" and they are rejected they usually get offended.
7.    A man who doesn’t accept to drink at least one shot is considered arrogant or a "fag".
8.    A man who doesn't like soccer is considered a fag.
9.    A single man who gets 30, if he's not studying college then he's a fag.
10. In Ecuador, Cuencanos are called by the rest of Ecuadorians: "Morlacos". The word “morlacos” refers to a laid back person, close minded, religious, judgmental, an individual who usually come from the countryside and speak with an accent different than the one of a person from a large city.
11. Coastal people dislike people of the Sierra (Andes), they consider we are "dirty Indians", odorous bodies, with an ugly accent and shame for the country.
12. Coastal people get offended when they are taken as "Quitenos" or "Cuencanos" by others.
13. Cuenca believes in a 100% about social class. Light skinned and educated people tend to discriminate to the darked skinned ones. These last ones are usually called "cholos".
14. Cuencanos like staring at other Cuencanos all the time. That's normal there, they love to check up people, the way they dress up, the money they have, the way they look, etc, they are very judgmental people and unfortunately that's what made me to leave my hometown and to come to USA.
15. A lot of Cuencano males are savage and untamed at the road, it seems to be they deliver personal frustrations when they are driving a car. I'm a peaceful person and when I have been driving I have been insulted many times by insignificant things.
16. Many Cuencano men think their brutality on the road proves their masculinity. They like to impress females and they would never let another turn him down.
17. Ecuadorians like cool North American people. Ecuadorians don't like picky and supremacist attitudes. North Americans are not our president's favorite people.
18. I consider Hollywood has also impacted a lot in my country through their movies giving North Americans the reputation of "arrogant and assholes". When I just came to America I got in shock learning that in this beautiful country not all the Americans are arrogant and most of all: not all of them are dumb, rich people as I thought before. USA is much different of what Hollywood movies say.
19. Over all, I can say that Cuenca is the city that most give the welcome to North Americans than any other city of Ecuador.

These are a few of my points of view that I wanted to share with you. I apology for my bad English. I'm glad you feel happy living in my city and my best wishes, blessings for you and your family.



  1. This post is just ugly... not up to your usual standards... Maybe you should have balanced this persons letter with someone who was not as much of a prejudice bigot....

    1. The rest of the blog is the balance. Thanks for your comment.


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