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Monday, January 09, 2012

Day Trip to Chordeleg Ecuador

Chordeleg is a small (6,000 population), quaint, little touristy city with a beautiful view of the mountains and countryside. It is an enjoyable and picturesque bus ride about an hour outside of Cuenca. The city center has a lot of jewelry shops and artisans craft and clothing boutiques.It is about 5 degrees warmer than Cuenca.


  1. Hi, and greetings from Alabama.

    Looks like they have some nice newer buses on that little trip. Blue skies for the most part there in Chordeleg for your trip, then back in the clouds and rain in Cuenca. Don't get me wrong I like the rain. I was just thinking of one of your blog posters that didn't like a lot of cloudy weather.

    I wanted to say thanks for being so upfront and honest about both the good and bad of what Ecuador has to offer. Don't let anyone stop you. I'm doing my due diligence you might say, and it's refreshing to hear them both.

    Something that I think that would be good for your "DIY Cuenca Landing Guide" ebook would be real Internet speeds available. Now natually you can't give exact numbers since nobody can, but it would be nice to know what speeds are actually offered by the various ISP's there.

    Too many people seem to just be pulling numbers out of a hat. What I mean is it's clear that many don't know a bit from a byte. So here's how it breaks down.

    Dialup is 56kbps which is 56kilobits per second, it's actually less due to overhead.

    1 byte = 8 bits
    B UPPER CASE is for Bytes
    b lower case is for bits

    The K for kilo can be either upper or lower case as can M and m for mega etc.

    The difference lies in the b, and B.

    So if someone says they have a 16mbps connection it is not the same as someone that has a 16mBps connection.

    16mbps = 16384 kilobits per second
    16mBps = 131072 kilobits per second

    The second one is 8 times the speed of the first one.

    You can think of it like a tsp (teaspoon) to a tbsp (tablespoon) if that helps.

    I'll throw this in for anyone that wants to better understand it.

    1 byte = 8 bits
    1 kilobit(kb) = 128 bytes = 1024 bits
    1 kilobyte(KB) = 8 kilobits = 1024 bytes

    1 megabit(mb) = 128 kilobytes = 1024 kilobits
    1 megabyte(MB) = 8 megabits = 1024 kilobytes

    1 gigabit(gb) = 128 megabytes = 1024 megabits
    1 gigabyte(GB) = 8 gigabits = 1024 megabytes

    1 terabit(tb) = 128 gigabytes = 1024 gigabits
    1 terabyte(TB) = 8 terabits = 1024 gigabytes

    I won't even get started on the Kibibit · Mebibit · Gibibit · Tebibit

    Sorry if I went a little overboard, I'm a little bit of a geek what can I say.

    Take care, and keep on posting.

  2. That's a good question. If I could add to that -- but in a much less technical and knowledgeable sense -- are you all able to watch video on your computer -- say youtube -- without a lot of problems?

    I'm asking because, I love to watch a lot of old movies and TV shows that people have uploaded to youtube, but I don't know how realistic that option would be with Internet in Cuenca - given the streaming speed, etc...

    Also, I wish you guys would add a paypal button. You all are providing a lot of excellent information consistently now.

    A buck or two seems to go a long way there. Somebody sends two dollars, that's one person's lunch...just a thought. Either way, I love the site.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments and supportive attitude. It does help.
    Blogging is a lot of work. We've had paypal buttons before and for the most part, people don't donate. We'll have the landing guide done soon (it's in the editing stages) and we appreciate your support.

  4. The movies thing was a bit of a sore spot when we first got here, as we like to watch movies and shows in the evenings. Unfortunately, that's the high usage time and that's when the internet gives the most trouble as far as streaming goes. Remember we had the highest speed available (see the Etapa post) However, there are alternatives, they do have bootleg movies here for $1-$150 and the selection is never ending. Also the streaming is much better during the mornings, youtube comes in pretty well if you don't mind the occasional internet disruption. We're not geeks but maybe there's a way to download them or record them during good a.m. hours and watch them at your convenience. Don't know if that's even acceptable practice so I'm not recommending that.

  5. As for the bus what you're seeing is the difference between the inter city buses and the longer distance out of town buses. The Chordeleg bus was much more comfortable, the return bus had a restroom. They were clean and smelled good. A very comfortable ride, would do it again in a heartbeat. And .75 cents fare?

    As we were sitting in our seats waiting for the bus to depart, we saw the policeman/guard take his baton out of it's holster and chase away a would be thief. The bus station is a target for thieves looking for an easy score. If you're a first time South America traveler, and you like to have jewelry dangling from your body and wear upscale clothing, you will need to adjust your appearance down a bit, and blend in. We enjoyed the whole experience.

  6. Ask and you shall receive... http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/ it's a free open source program that will let you schedule your downloads for those off peak hours, and can pause/resume downloads that are interupted if your connection goes down. It has lots, and lots of features.

    As far as it being acceptable by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) they will love you for doing it when there are fewer users online as opposed to bogging down their connections during high usage hours.

    Glad there was something I could help you with. You're doing so much for everyone reading your blog. Enjoy.

  7. I just realized that I should make sure to point out that http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/ is a .ORG NOT .com.

    The .com by the same name was bought by a Linux enthusiast a few years ago who was (and may still be) trying to create a Linux version of the one from the .org site since he missed having it when using Ubuntu Linux.

    I talked with him a little about it about 3 years ago when he started that project. That's how I know what that site is.

  8. Hi Tim.
    Thank you very much for that link. Very timely help. Thanks again.


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