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Monday, January 02, 2012

Dentists in Cuenca Ecuador

Frank in the dental chair

Doing research for our new eBook the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide, Frank and I have stumbled upon some wonderful dental offices. We have checked out several dentists throughout Cuenca for cleanliness, prices, and standard of dental work and equipment. 

As you know, doing research such as this takes time and knowing a little bit of Spanish. Most of the times when researching for good dentists we also have to sit and wait to talk with the dentist so we can talk with him or her about the dental procedures they do and prices and such. 

The other day we walked into a sparkling clean, bright and cheery dental office with the friendliest people and with the biggest smiles we have ever seen—we felt so welcome and we think you will too.

After we asked prices and were told that having your teeth cleaned was only $5 more than the last dentist we talked to, plus the atmosphere was more inviting and the staff so friendly, Frank and I decided to make an appointment to have our teeth cleaned. They did a thorough (45 minutes each) job using top of the line equipment and dental instruments. 

After the teeth cleaning procedure was over, we then asked prices for all the common dental work procedures from getting a cavity filled to getting dental plates, bridges and root canals. We were so impressed with the quality of care, staff and atmosphere at this dental office we both made appointments with her to have some small cavities filled and a couple teeth pulled.  

You will find the prices for most dental work in the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide. We do not list specific dentists in the guide but we do list prices for popular dental procedures in the guide for you to use as a guide when looking for a dentist. 

Be looking out for all the particulars of our dental research in the up and coming DIY Cuenca Landing Guide ebook. This ebook ALL about Cuenca is packed full of reliable information from important contacts to how to find a good rental in Cuenca.  

We know the DIY Cuenca Landing guide will make your visit or move to Cuenca easier, more fulfilling and less stressful, and a lot less expensive! 

If you have dental work that needs to be done and you’re moving to Cuenca, you might just want to put it off and get your dental work done here and save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars! 

BTW, thank you to all of our readers who have suggested things that they would like to see in the DIY Cuenca guide book. Everyone's suggestions have been important to us. We will be adding them to the guide book, if we haven't already listed them. 


  1. Suggestion for the ebook - places of worship.

  2. As more retired, senior gringos expatriate to Ecuador to live permanently, what about independent or assisted living facilities? What are the average monthly rates? Are meals included with a base monthly price? Also, what happens in cases where vascular dementia or alzheimer's occur - does the base price go up?

    In addition, what are the legalities of shipping a deceased gringo back to his/her home country? How difficult is it to get a Death Certificate that would be valid in the home country for burial purposes?

    Think retired folks would like to know since the average cost per month in North America is approx. $4,000 plus the $100 per incident charges of bathing, feeding, medication administration, etc.

    Have read many ex pat blogs, but have seen very little on the subject matter. One in particular mentioned how the Ecuadorians are family oriented and take care of their own seniors.

    1. There was one assisted living facility that we knew of in Cuenca but it is closed up now. We do not know of any elderly care centers in Cuenca.

      Quito, being a much bigger city most likely as more elderly care centers.

      Perhaps there are some Ecuadorians reading this who can tell us more.


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