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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making Wooden Wall Décor and Utility Closet Using Scrap Wood

As most of you know we built all of our furniture, therefore we have a lot of scraps of wood lying around just waiting for that creative wooden project to get built. Both Angelo and Alex have made some pretty neat things using scrap wood. This video is of some of the things Alex has made. Enjoy the video!


These are the things Alex has built for himself to hang on his wall, but coming soon in another video, we can’t wait to show you what he has made for our kitchen and living room walls as décor items—all I can say is neat, neat, neat!  I picked out three wooden décor products that I wanted for the house in the google images and he then made a replica of each one. 

Angelo has also made some neat swords, but the project that I am most impressed with is much more practical and useful. It is a utility clothes closet he built for his room!  This house is only a 3 bedroom plus an office. Angelo ended up getting the office which did not have a closet so he built a nifty utility closet with shelving for his room.  Here are the pictures of this cool closet. 

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