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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maracuya Fruit (Passion Fruit) Native to South America

We’ve been living here going on 7-months now and there are still fruits and vegetables that we have no idea what they are and how they taste. Some of the local fruits and veggies look pretty funky. When Frank brought some Maracuya fruit home to try it out, no one else in the house would touch it, let alone taste it. It might be because the fruit pulp inside looks pretty strange and not appetizing at all.

For two weeks Frank raved about the flavor of the Maracuya and no one would try it, instead we opted for something more pleasing to the eye, like bananas or mangos. But one day we all decided to try one and to our surprise it was really good. And for this video we got Alex to taste test one, and he liked it and now we buy them on a regular basis. They are really good for you. You can buy about 8 to 10 for a dollar or so at Coral Centro.       


We’ll keep trying some of the tropical and exotic fruits that grow locally here because you never know what healthy goodness and wonderful flavors you’ll find in a new fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried before. You have to be willing.

They do sell Maracuya in North America. It is called Passion Fruit and it may have a purple or bright red outer skin. The more shriveled up the outer rind is, the sweeter the fruit pulp will be inside. Interestingly, you are supposed to eat the seeds along with the fruit pulp and they add a crunchy texture to each bite. We read that cake decorators use the seeds for decorating the tops of cakes with.

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  1. It is worth noting as this is something both my wife and myself enjoy.

    Passion Fruit drinks (juice it with other fruits/vegetables to add flavour) and Passion Fruit preserves are both very tasty :)


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